Mataverde's exceptionally strong and eco-friendly rain screen siding will add beauty and sophistication to any commercial or residential project. Whether used alone, or combined as an accent with other cladding materials, Mataverde hardwood siding is a gorgeous and long-lasting cladding option. The Climate-Shield® Rain Screen System is the world's leading wood rain screen.

Check out this sampling of various wood rain screen siding species. Visit all the individual wood siding species galleries to see more of your favorites.  Choose from Ipe, Garapa, Machiche, Santa Maria, Cumaru wood siding species...and a whole lot more

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  • 1x4 Ipe rain screen at Weeksville Heritage Center Brooklyn, NY
  • Vertical ipe rain screen at US Coast Guard station in Delaware
  • Machiche rain screen in California
  • ipe rain screen with stone
  • Garapa and Machiche vertical rain screen in Connecticut
  • Ipe siding, decking and soffits in Galveston TX
  • machiche rain screen by Swatt Miers in California
  • Ipe rain screen and sunshade at Disney store in Florida
  • Ipe rain screen Hudson Valley NY
  • Ipe rain screen San Francisco
  • 1x6 Climate-Shield rain screen in Texas
  • Ipe rain screen with wood window trim detail
  • Machiche rain screen and soffits University California Santa Barbara
  • climate-shield rain screen system using ipe hardwood siding
  • Climate-Shield rain screen in Southern California
  • Ipe Rain Screen Brooklyn NY
  • Ipe rain screen Northern California
  • Machiche rain screen California
  • Climate-Shield rain screen with hardwood cladding SoCal
  • cumaru rain screen vertical and horizontal
  • fsc machiche vertical rain screen houston
  • ipe rainscreen mitered corner
  • Mataverde Ipe Rain Screen Horizontal
  • Climate-Shield rain screen and decking
  • Santa maria rain screen with miteredwood outside corners
  • Ipe rain screen horizontal installation
  • FSC Machiche rain screen installation details
  • fsc santa maria rain screen hawaii
  • Mataverde Ipe Siding rain screen New Hampshire
  • Santa Maria vertical rain screen in the Hamptons
  • Santa_Maria_Rain_Screen_Hawaii
  • ipe_rain_screen_tiberon california

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