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Cumaru hardwood siding is a high-density, very durable, rainscreen cladding option.

Cumaru, (pronounced KOO'-mah-roo), is very hard and dense, making it a highly durable hardwood siding option. Cumaru hardwood siding can be finished or left to weather naturally.

Cumaru siding is a reddish brown hardwood with lots of color variation and exotic grain patterns. Cumaru has a similar appearance to Machiche siding, but is a lower cost siding option. See what Cumaru looks like finished and unfinished in the video on this page below.

Cumaru rainscreen siding can be installed vertically, horizontally or diagonally with the Climate-Shield® Rain Screen System.


Why Use Cumaru Hardwood Rain Screen Cladding and Siding?

Cumaru hardwood siding is a very strong, highly durable and long lasting wood cladding species option for rainscreen siding designs and installations. Mataverde Cumaru rain screen siding has some exceptionally high mechanical properties and natural characteristics.
Red Cumaru siding product sheet

Red Cumaru hardwood rainscreen siding installation

5/4 x 6 Cumaru rainscreen siding with oil finish


Cumaru hardwood siding is naturally beautiful.

Cumaru has lively grain variations, an exotic natural appeal and is a long lasting rainscreen cladding material option. The beautiful reddish tones of Cumaru siding will add a warm, natural appearance to any rainscreen façade.

The rugged beauty of Cumaru siding make it a great fit for rainscreen system designs and installations. To see other Cumaru wood siding project photos, visit the Cumaru Rainscreen Photo Gallery.

What does Cumaru wood siding material look like? Check out this video to see it finished and unfinished. 

Ready to see it for yourself? Click here for request free Cumaru wood rainscreen siding samples.


Cumaru hardwood siding finishing options.

Cumaru siding is a real hardwood, but it performs so well outdoors you can finish it or allow it to naturally weather.

You can enhance the natural beauty of Cumaru hardwood rain screen siding with an oil finish. Or you can let it "weather out" to a natural silvery patina.

Whether you prefer to maintain the 'like new' Cumaru wood appearance, or want the silvery look, the choice is yours. For more information about your finish options, download the free "How Exterior Woods Weather Guide" here.

If you'd like to see if Cumaru siding meets your project budget requirements, please request a quote today.

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