Mataverde® Novathermowood™ Rain Screen Siding is a beautiful and eco-friendly hardwood siding option. This thermally modified hardwood siding is far more stable than standard wood siding. The thermowood process 'cooks' the sugars out of the wood, which makes them far more resistant to mold and fungus and creates a more durable wood siding product.   

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  • Mataverde novathermood ash cladding
  • Mataverde novathermowood ash cladding on residence
  • Mataverde novathermowood ash hardwood
  • Mataverde novathermowood rainscreen siding
  • thermally modified ash cladding in living wall green design
  • Thermally modified ash cladding on modern residential design
  • thermally modified ash cladding
  • Thermo ash rainscreen cladding
  • Thermo-Ash rainscreen siding
  • Mataverde novathermowood rainscreen siding and architectural design elements
  • Mataverde novathermowood rainscreen siding vertical and horizontal
  • Mataverde novathermowood siding can be used indoors and outdoors


Climate-Shield Rain Screen System

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