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Climate Shield rainscreen siding system


A Wood Rain Screen Siding System is a handsome and healthy way to add sustainable design and natural beauty to your home or structure. These ancient techniques and ingenious modern cladding systems help walls manage moisture in a sustainable and eco-friendly way.

The remarkable design of the Climate-Shield® Rainscreen Wood Siding System™ is a major advancement in rain screen system technology.  It combines tested and true rainscreen methods with a new and more effective design technology to create a long lasting, energy efficient wood siding system. 



Understanding Wood Rain Screens

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Climate-Shield Rain Screen System 

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Rain Screen Wood Siding Options

Image 44 Wood Outside Corner Options



Rain Screen Architectural Specifications

 Climate-Shield rainscreen system detail drawings

Rain Screen Architectural Details

Siding installation requires safe construction practices

Rainscreen Siding Installation

US Coast Guard Ipe Rain Screen

Rainscreen Siding Photo Gallery

fsc machiche horizontal rain screen

Rain Screen Siding Stock List

Rain Screen Siding Photo Gallery

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rain screen wood siding faq

 Rain Screen Wood Siding FAQ

climate shield rain screen components

Rain Screen Siding Components


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