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What is Thermowood Decking?
Creating thermally modified wood is a natural process, revolutionized in Scandinavia decades ago.  Mataverde Thermowood is beautiful wood - recommended by many of the world's leading architects.  Thermally modified wood technology is an environmentally friendly process, requiring no chemicals or toxins. Using only heat and water, the wood cell walls are permanently modified for the better. 
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The results are stunning, from both an aesthetic and performance standpoint.  The thermally modified wood is darker and richer appearing, almost like Ipe or other tropical hardwoods. The mechanical properties of the wood are changed too; most of the sugars are 'cooked' out of the wood, improving its rot-resistance to protect against decay and fungus. The wood is far more stable, too.  Normal expansion and contraction  happens seasonally with all outdoor woods. With Mataverde novathermowood decking, the expansion and contraction is minimized.
Mataverde novathermowood ash hardwood
Mataverde novathermowood hardwood decking
The result is a better looking, higher performing, durable exterior thermally modified wood decking material, unlike any other.
  • More durable decking - The sugars are transformed during the thermal modification process. Thermally modified wood is more resistant to mold, fungus and spores, and far less likely to rot and decay than the original wood. 
  • More dimensionally stable decking - by drying the wood out fully, then adding moisture back in, thermally modified decking wood is far less prone to seasonal expansion and contraction than traditional hardwood decking.


How does the thermally modified wood process work? Check out the thermowood process to produce high quality thermally modified wood video below to find out more.




Color and Graining of Mataverde Thermowood Decking


The Thermowood thermal modification process gives the wood a rich, dark brown color. If the "new wood look" is your goal, Mataverde Thermowood decking may be finished with various sealers and maintained periodically as needed.  Oil based sealers, such as Penofin or others, work best.

Or, if you prefer a more natural 'weathered wood' appearance, Mataverde Thermowood decking can be left untouched and will gradually age to a lustrous silvery gray patina over time, for a low maintenance, real wood deck.


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Mataverde Thermowood Decking Care & Maintenance


Mataverde novathermowood decking is a low maintenance real wood decking material. As a result of thermowood technology, Mataverde thermowood looks and acts much like other hardwood decking materials. Mataverde thermowood is non-toxic and safe to the environment as well as humans. Mataverde thermowood requires no maintenance beyond normal cleaning.




Mataverde Thermowood

Deck Installation Tips and Techniques


Mataverde thermowood decking can be installed by a number of standard deck construction methods including, face screw, specified hidden fasteners and Eurotec deck system components. Because of its strength and hardness, Mataverde thermowood decking can be installed very similar to methods used for other hardwood decking species.



Thermowood face screw decking installationThe most secure and best way to install Mataverde thermowood wood decking is with face screws. If you choose to install your thermally modified wood with face screws, take care to maintain a minimum of 3/4" to 1" distance of screws from the edges and ends of boards for best results.

The only real downside of installing thermally modified wood decking is that it is slightly more brittle than the original wood. So, this fastening method will minimize the potential for splits and will hold up very well throughout the lifetime of your Mataverde thermowood deck. 

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Using hidden fasteners is a great way to get a clear looking surface on your thermally modified decking.  Pre-grooved decking works great for this type of installation and the Mataverde hidden deck fastener works well with pre-grooved decking.

Mataverde Deck Clip Hidden fastener


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