8 Reasons to Consider Fire Retardant Treated Hemlock Siding

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If you love the natural beauty of western red cedar siding, you’ll love the look of thermally modified hemlock siding. Mataverde ThermaWood FR is a fire retardant treated thermally modified Hemlock siding. It is gorgeous, affordable, and readily available. In many ways, fire treated Hem Fir wood siding is a better option than cedar and other softwoods for building designs and construction projects. Here’s why.

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Better Fire-Retardant Treatment Method

Many states, towns and cities now require higher fire resistance performance. Many of the fire-retardant treatments use chemicals that are water soluble. They wash off over time when used outdoors. They eventually lose their fire resistance on exterior projects. There’s a better way to fire treat wood siding.



The patented process that is used to create Mataverde ThermaWood FR fire retardant treated Hem Fir siding is literally baked into the wood. It stays there. The fire-retardant treatment in Mataverde ThermaWood FR hemlock siding won’t ‘weather off.’ In fact, it meets the requirements for WUI (Wildland Urban Interface) zones and also IWUI (International Wildland Urban Interface) areas. The treatment product is also non-toxic and safe, with no harmful chemicals.



Consistent coloration

Lots of hardwood and softwood siding options have a wide range of colors and graining. This varied look appeals to many. Others prefer a more consistent color. If you like the more uniform coloration for your wood siding, thermally modified hemlock is a great option to consider. The fire treatment process will darken the wood up slightly to create a more even and blended appearance.

Mataverde ThermaWood FR fire retardant treated Hem Fir siding


It's Beautiful!

The warm look and tones of real wood siding is hard to beat. The natural beauty of hemlock siding is spectacular.  You don't have to take our word for it, though.  See for yourself.  Visit our thermally modified hemlock siding gallery and check out project pictures from all over.

See for yourself:


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Higher Grades are Readily Available

With the high price and lower availability of the upper grades of red cedar siding, thermally modified hemlock is a great option to consider. The higher grades of Mataverde thermally modified hemlock siding are beautiful. They are also readily available and affordable.  Better yet, Mataverde ThermaWood FR siding is approximately 85% vertical grain. That makes a gorgeous project. 


Thermally Modified Hemlock siding used as fencing with Penofin Oil finish


Longer Lengths

Mataverde ThermaWood Hem Fir siding is available in long lengths. Typical tallies are 4’ through 20’, with about 70% of the siding in the 11 foot and longer category. Wow.

Thermally Modified-Hem-Fir siding Vail CO Installation


Higher Stability

The thermal modification process creates a highly stable siding board. That means you can expect very little expansion and contraction after the thermally modified Hemlock siding is installed. Less movement equals a tighter job and better performance for the lifetime of the siding.



Higher Durability

The thermal modification process essentially bakes out all the sugars. This makes Mataverde ThermaWood FR Hemlock exceptionally resistant to rot and insects. Without a food source, termites and fungi leave it alone. The fire-retardant treatment process adds yet another layer of durability and protection.

Manufacturers Limited Lifetime Warranty


More Affordable

Siding prices fluctuate wildly in pricing. Right now, the upper grades of western red cedar are hard to find, and the pricing is off the charts. It’s still a beautiful siding option if you can afford it. On the other hand, thermally modified hemlock siding is stunning and a lot more affordable than cedar. For a better look at current siding costs, visit our siding price page.

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