Pre-Grooved Decking is a beautiful decking option

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Pre-Grooved Decking is a beautiful way to give your deck a clean and unencumbered decking appearance.  With pre-grooved decking there are no deck screw heads visible.    A 'hidden fastener' system such as Mataverde Eurotec concealed deck fasteners work great. Simply slide the hidden deck clip into the groove of pre-grooved decking materials for a beautiful deck with no deck screw heads or deck fasteners to be seen.  The decking surface is unblemished when you choose the pre-grooved decking option.

High density hardwood decking materials are an excellent pre-grooved decking option.  TheIpe Pre Grooved Decking with hidden deck fasteners great strength of high density hardwood decking materials such as Ipe decking, Cumaru decking, Garapa decking and Machiche decking make these decking species nearly perfect as pre-grooved decking materials.  Unlike pre-grooved composite decking and pre-grooved plastic decking, high density hardwood pre-grooved decking has minimal expansion and contraction in heat and cold.  High density hardwood pre-grooved decking also has great rigidity so you don't have to worry about sagging deck boards.


Pre grooved decking installation  Ipe decking with concealed deck fasteners Installing pre-grooved decking such as the Pre-grooved Ipe Decking pictured on the left is very simple when using a hidden fastener such as the Mataverde Deck Clip Concealed Fastener. This hidden deck clip fastener is placed in the kerf of the pre-grooved decking and screwed in at a 45 degree angle through the bottom flange of the pre-grooved decking board into the deck joist below.  The screw holds the pre-grooved decking securely in place below the deck surface. This creates a hidden fastening system for the pre-grooved decking.


You can make your own pre-grooved decking by using a biscuit cutter or a router to cut your own slots in a standard decking board. But it's lot of work and you may get inconsistent results. The main advantage of buying pre-grooved decking are the time savings for deck installation. Pre-grooved decking allows you to position each deck board wherever you would like it to along each deck joist.



More information about installing pre-grooved decking with the Mataverde Deck Clip Hidden Fastener 


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