How Does Garapa Hardwood Decking and Siding Weather?

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Garapa starts out as a lighter colored high performance hardwood decking and siding option. Because of its light blonde tones, many of our clients want to know, "How does Garapa hardwood decking and siding weather and mature outdoors? Interestingly, Garapa can age to a silvery gray weathered wood appearance, very similar to other high-density hardwoods. But it doesn’t have to – you have other options. Whether you prefer the ‘weathered wood’ look or the ‘like new’ wood look, feel free to choose the option that works best for you.

Garapa rooftop decking, benched and planters photo by Sergey Raikin

Many designers, builders and property owners will choose Garapa hardwood for their decking or siding project because they like the durability, strength and natural beauty of high-performance hardwoods. Regardless of your appearance preference, always allow your exterior Garapa hardwood to fully acclimate on site. Then, protect it with a UV inhibiting sealer to protect it while it seasons. These two critical steps will allow your Garapa hardwood decking or siding to perform exceptionally well, and look great, for years to come.

Garapa_Decking_weathering_to_a_silvery_patina_on_a_dock_in_Rhode_Island.jpgWeathered Garapa decking turns silvery gray at marina in coastal New England


Here’s what Garapa hardwood decking or siding typically look like as they weather: Garapa hardwood aging process.jpg

Garapa hardwood starts out as a lighter yellow toned or honey blonde wood. When exposed to air, UV and other weather elements, Garapa will start to darken to richer amber tones initially. (An oil finish will also enhance and slightly darken the richer honey amber colors.) If you like this look and wish to maintain it, you may re-finish your Garapa hardwood as desired. Otherwise, you can allow your exterior hardwood to weather and mature to a silvery gray ‘weathered wood’ patina over time.

Garapa hardwood rain screen sidingGarapa hardwood rain screen siding with oil finish

For a wealth of helpful information about how hardwood decking and siding species such as Ipe, Cumaru, Machiche and Garapa weather, and appearance options, please Download the Free Guide: "How Hardwoods Weather"

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