Trespa Pura Sidings Create Rich Color Schemes on Exterior Facades

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The artful blend of contrasting colors can create a dramatic effect on exterior facades. Let’s face it, after “location, location, location”, the exterior of your home or building is the next most important factor in the value of a property. And a beautiful façade creates exceptional curb appeal and a welcoming invitation to friends, family, visitors and guests to your home or business.  

You can create a contrasting color effect by using a single colored Trespa Pura NFC and use a contrasting color trim piece.  This method can enhance and outline the siding in a ‘picture frame’ type of format. Here’s an example of Trespa Pura (Classic Oak wood décor) siding accented by a dark brown trim. The effect is subtle but apparent.

Trespa Pura wood decor on residential design.jpg

Here is another example of using a contrasting yet complimentary siding and trim colors in a renovation using Trespa Pura siding (Slate Ebony wood decor) with black trim. The contrasting effect is subtle, yet pronounced enough for it to stand on its own to enhance the project’s color scheme.

Trespa Pura Slate Ebony with black trim-1.jpg

Another method of achieving a contrasting color scheme is to use different materials altogether. Here is an example of Trespa Pura cladding (Aged Ash wood décor) on the addition while the existing home kept the original siding. As you can see, the brown color scheme of the Trespa Pura contrasts with the oyster color of the original siding and adds a beautiful focal point. The brown trim on the windows creates an additional layer to the complementary yet contrasting color combinations.  

Trespa Pura NFC flush siding - Aged Ash

If a more dramatic effect is your goal for the design and color scheme, you can use multiple colors of Trespa Pura cladding to create a wide range of appealing looks for your façade.  Here’s an project featuring three different Trespa Pura colors for an architect’s personal home and office.  Although the wood décor color tones are muted, the overall effect is dramatic. The horizontal lines balance nicely with the hilly terrain and furrowed fields of the landscape.

Trespa Pura color combinations.jpg

Here’s an even more exotic use of multiple siding colors on this renovation project in California. For this design, a random pattern of three different Trespa Pura sidings were used to create a whimsical look for the exterior of these apartments. The wood décor colors were selected to be in keeping with the wooded surroundings of this project.

Trespa Pura cladding using 3 colors in random pattern design

Bold or subtle, dark or light, regardless of your design intent and color scheme, Trespa Pura sidings are available in an array of colors with complimentary trim colors available to enhance the appeal of your façade.


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