What Experts Say about the Benefits of a Wood Rain Screen

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After thirty years in the building industry not too many things really surprise me. However, I recently re-read a great article about avoiding moisture problems in today’s homes and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. It contained a lot of common sense and practical information that are “must knows” if you want to extend the usable lifetime of your home and minimize failures in your dwelling. Who wants to spend extra time, money and aggravation to fix problems that could have been avoided by building it right the first time?  Many of these salient points confirm the benefits of rain screen siding systems.

For example, the article states:

Moisture accounts for about 80% of construction defect litigation, so while lawyers may love the stuff, no one else benefits. In the worst cases, moisture trapped in the framing assembly can lead to rot that weakens the structure and to mold growth that makes a home unlivable.”

Climate-Shield_rain_screen_clips_are__nearly_undetectable_-_even_from_below_thumb.jpgWow, who wants a lawsuit?! Or mold?! Or an unlivable home? A properly constructed rain screen system is designed to prevent moisture from entering the home in the first place...and allows it to escape if it's already inside.

They also interviewed a respected industry expert, Joe Lstiburek, founder of Building Science Corporation, and his key points included:

“Address Water First” and “Liquid Before Vapor”

Controlling bulk water is the most important step in protecting your investment. Eliminating water vapor from inside the home is also important. A properly designed and built rain screen system performs both functions efficiently and invisibly.

“Modern Materials Are Moisture-Intolerant.” And “Keep it Out.”

That’s very good to know, and again, a well designed and built rain screen system keeps that water out in the first place...and looks great at the same time.

“Equalize Temperature and Humidity.”

Building materials, especially exterior wood siding, last longer if the temperature and humidity are the same on each side of the board. “That's one reason siding will last longer if installed over a rain screen.”

“Rainscreens Also Aid Drying.” and “Airflow Dries”

The ability of a cladding material to dry is typically reduced with extra insulation and increases with air flow. “Airflow dries. That's why it's critical to use a ventilated cladding on an R40 or R50 wall."

Special thanks to Hanley Wood for publishing their outstanding, well researched information. We were delighted to learn these fascinating facts from nationally renowned building science experts.

cumaru-hardwood-rainscreen-cladding-installation-resized-345-3In light of the above information, here’s a few facts about wood rain screens in general and the Climate-Shield System® in particular that bear further consideration.

  • Wood rain screen designs are naturally beautiful and create an unmatchable warm and inviting look to a home or building.

  • Even a “furring strip” rain screen installation provides some of the benefits listed above.

  • The Climate-Shield System is truly unique functionally because it requires zero wood furring strips.

  • By design, Climate-Shield allows a 98% efficient rain screen system. The best you can possibly hope for with a wood furring strip rain screen is 80% design efficiency - and usually achieve much less.

  • Climate-Shield is the only patented “pressure equalized, back ventilated wood rain screen system” available on the market. When you consider that “Airflow dries”, there is absolutely no better system to choose from performance and efficiency standpoints.

  • Climate-Shield provides the easiest and most effective vertically installed rain screen system

We have been working diligently for many years to develop and bring the Climate-Shield System to the forefront of building technology to help designers, builders and property owners reap the benefits of this truly remarkable system. We hope you will explore it for a project you are considering soon. Please feel free to learn more below:

Benefits of the Climate-Shield System

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