Wood Rain Screen Corner Installation: The Next Big Thing

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Because they are so effective, architects and designers are specifying more rain screen systems than ever before.  A well-designed rain screen system can add years to a home or building and create a healthier indoor environment. And architects know it.  Designers gravitate toward a horizontal wood outside corner when designing wood rain screens. Here’s why they love the Climate-Shield outside corner. And installers do, too.

Closeup of Ipe rain screen horizontal outside corners

Designers love the sleek ‘wrap-around’ look of a horizontal wood outside corner for their wood rain screen designs. But they scare the hell out of contractors. Quality builders are often afraid that a mitered outside corner rain screen corner might 'open up' or move when exposed to punishing weather conditions. Job site call-backs give contractors anxiety attacks.

Fear not my tool loving friends. After years of testing, Climate-Shield has developed the tightest wood outside corners for rain screens imaginable. The corners are factory pre-mitered, precisely, by qualified craftsmen. We use the best woodworking equipment available to help keep the corners in place for many years. A high density plastic key holds the corners firmly in place on your job site.



It's surprising how quickly they assemble on-site. Tight joint. Secure corner. Beautiful looking job. Fast installation. Check out this 2-minute video and see for yourself.  Save time. Install an impeccable outside corner on your rain screen. Impress the architect.  Delight your customers. Brag to your family. Sleep well at night.





The Climate-Shield wood rain screen system installs quickly and effectively over standard plywood or OSB wall sheathing. It is available with many long-lasting hardwood siding species, including Ipe, Garapa, Machiche and more.  The patented rain screen clips are hidden and eliminate the need for pre-drilling. You don't even need furring strips.

We hope you enjoyed this article. Visit MataverdeDecking.com and learn about the Climate-Shield rain screen system, check out rain screen installation options, browse rainscreen project galleries and lots more.

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