Compare Ipe Decking to Plastic and Composite Decking 





Mataverde Premium IPE Hardwood Decking outclasses synthetic plastic decking and composite decking materials, beautifully and naturally on every measurable rating.  All-natural, sustainably harvested and undeniably beautiful, Mataverde Ipe decking is a handsome and long-lasting addition to any exterior decking project. 




Mataverde® Ipe Decking vs. Synthetic Plastic and Composite Decking



As you will see in the chart below, Ipe hardwood decking outperforms composite decking materials and plastic decking on strength comparisons, life cycle cost and many more measurable characteristics. 





Real Wood Product   Yes  No No
Synthetic Materials No  Yes Yes
Expansion/Contraction Low  High   High  
Heat Retention   Low  High   High  
Stability   High Low Low
Scratch Resistance High  Low Low
Scratches Remove Easily Yes No No
Strength High  Low Low
Span Capacity High  Low Low
Initial Decking Cost  Moderate-High High   High  
Usable Life Expectancy   30+ years Est. Lifespan: 10-20 years*

 Est. Lifespan:        10-15 years**

Life Cycle Cost  Low Medium High  

  Because synthetic plastic decking materials have only been on the market for a short period of time, it is not known yet how long this material will last in an actual decking environment.

** Composite decking and wood composite decking materials have been in use for less than twenty years. Most initial brands had significant product failures and poor track records of performance during this time. It is not known yet how newer brands of composite decking materials will perform. Click here for more information about composite decking.