Ipe pergola provides shade on Boston rooftop deck


Premium Ipe decking, boards, dimensional lumber, beams, posts and timbers can be used for any number of different outdoor structures and outdoor projects. From residential decks, fences, outdoor furniture to municipal boardwalks, rooftop decks to pergolas and backyard gazebos -- Ipe hardwood can be the ultimate material to select for a wide range of outdoor projects and outdoor structures.

mataverde-ipe-decking-with-custom-architectural-pergola-and-sunscreen-648310b73d672So much can be achieved with a long lasting and durable Ipe hardwood design 


Builders, architects and homeowners have been relying on the strength, hardness and durability of Ipe hardwood lumber and decking materials for many years. 

Wherever there is a sincere desire to use the best all natural outdoor wood products available, Ipe high density hardwood is often the building material of choice the world over. The natural slip resistance of Ipe decking makes this high density hardwood material an exceptional selection around decks, docks, hot tubs, pools, spas and other areas where safety is a major consideration. 

Ipe wood dimensional lumber including 2x4, 2x6, 2x8, 2x10 and 2x12 (nominal dimensions) are exceptionally strong and may be used for joists and more for your project needs.

Ipe wood is also available in heavy timber sizes such as 3x6, 3x8, 3x12, 4x4, 4x6, 4x8, 4x10, 4x12 and 6x6 nominal dimensions. Ipe heavy timbers may be used for posts, beams and other structural elements where strength, durability, performance and natural beauty are the design objectives.

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Ipe wood decking, siding and lumber materials are the ideal selection for projects where the following design criteria are key:

Project Criteria





Sustainable building material Yes Yes Yes Yes
Available FSC® Certified Yes Yes Yes Yes
25 year limited warranty Yes Yes Yes Yes
High stability Yes Yes Yes Yes
High density Yes Yes Yes Yes
Natural slip resistance Yes Yes Yes Yes
Natural insect resistance Yes Yes Yes Yes
Natural decay resistance Yes Yes Yes Yes
Splinter resistant Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ages gracefully to silvery patina Yes Yes Yes Yes
Low life-cycle cost Yes Yes Yes Yes


The following project types and outdoor structures are particularly well suited for specific types of Ipe lumber materials as noted in the chart below:

 Project Type

  Appropriate Ipe Material for Selected Project 

Residential deck  Decking Lumber Boards Beams / Timbers
Porch flooring Decking ------- ------- -------
Pool/Hot tub area Decking -------- ------- -------
Railings Decking Lumber Boards Railing Parts
Walkway Decking Lumber -------  -------
Foot bridge Decking Lumber ------- Railing Parts
Pergola  Decking Lumber -------  -------
Gazebo Decking Lumber -------  -------
Boardwalk Decking Lumber ------- Beams / Timbers
Dock Decking Lumber ------- Beams / Timbers
Pier Decking Lumber -------- Beams / Timbers
Vertical siding  ------- ------- Siding -------
Rain screen siding  ------- ------- Siding -------
Fence Decking Lumber ------- -------
Trellis Decking Lumber --------  -------
Privacy screen Decking Lumber --------  -------
Outdoor Tables Decking Lumber Boards  -------
Outdoor Benches  Decking Lumber --------  -------
Outdoor furniture Decking Lumber Boards  -------
Outdoor kitchen ------- Lumber Siding  -------
Playground equipment Decking Lumber Boards Beams / Timbers
Planters/Flower boxes Decking Lumber ---------  -------