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Introducing Mataverde 100% Pure FSC Machiche Decking.

Machiche Decking (pronounced "Mah-CHEE'-chay") is a 100% Pure FSC high density hardwood decking material. Machiche decking is a sustainably harvested, durable choice for your decking material. Machiche decking is an affordably priced and beautiful decking option.  Machiche decking also has many characteristics that are similar to Ipe decking.

Mataverde® 100% Pure FSC Machiche Decking is all heartwood, ranging in color from light brown to reddish brown and medium chocolate brown colors. Like Ipe decking, Machiche decking will age gracefully to a mellow silvery patina if left to weather naturally. With a coat of rosewood oil penetrating sealer, Machiche decking develops into a rich chocolate coloration. Machiche decking is a medium grained high density hardwood and looks stunning as a decking material.

While there are three main subspecies of this highly durable decking material, only one species of Machiche has been selected as a Mataverde® decking material; Lonchocarpus Castilloi

Physical Characteristics of Mataverde® Machiche Decking:
Mataverde® 100% Pure FSC Decking is a tough, high density hardwood decking wood with a medium to coarse grain. With a slightly lower density than Ipe or Cumaru, Machiche decking is more than twice as hard as Oak.

Mataverde® 100% Pure FSC Machiche Decking exhibits character, striping and color variation and will turn a soft silvery patina if left to weather naturally. Machiche decking is highly resistant to shrinking, splintering, twisting, cupping and checking. Machiche decking is highly durable, extremely hard and dense and is very resistant to a wide range of punishment. Mataverde® Machiche Decking has a high decay resistance rating throughout all fibers of the wood. Machiche decking's high density and natural oils make it very resistant to termite attacks as well.

Mataverde 100% Pure FSC Machiche decking is kiln dried to 14-16% moisture content, making it an extremely stable decking material.  At this moisture content Machiche decking has a bending strength of 25,938 psi.  In fact, Machiche decking has a higher bending strength than Ipe decking!  Machiche decking also has a hardness of 2,805 lbs, which is about 80% as hard as Ipe and more than twice as hard as oak.

Mataverde® 100% Pure FSC Machiche Decking has very good dimensional stability and shows only minor movement after manufacture. Being a kiln dried decking material, Machiche Decking has a low shrinkage and minimal checking that provides a deck surface that is just right for you and will last beautifully for many years to come. Machiche decking is among one of the most popular and beautiful styles of premium hardwood decking

Mataverde 100% Pure FSC Machiche Hardwood Decking

Mataverde 100% Pure FSC Machiche  Decking

Mataverde FSC Certified Machiche Decking and Siding Earns Class A Fire Rating

Mataverde hardwood decking and siding FSC Certified Machiche has been tested and passed the flame spread and smoke requirements for Class A fire rating of the ASTM E84 testing with flying colors. By passing the intensive testing, Mataverde Machiche decking and siding has earned a Class A fire rating.

The ASTM testing that was conducted with the Mataverde Machiche hardwood decking and siding, meets the same fire rating and testing requirements as the IBC (International Building Code) and the ANSI/NFPA (Amercian National Standards Institute/National Fire Protection Association) for a Class A fire rating.

Click here to download FSC Certified Mataverde Machiche Decking and Siding Class A Fire Test results.

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Machiche Decking Facts

Mataverde 100% Pure FSC Machiche Hardwood Decking Features

  • Machiche decking is reddish brown to medium brown darkening slightly with exposure to weather.
  • Machiche hardwood has a medium to coarse interlocked grain.
  • Machiche decking will mellow to a  silvery tone if left to weather naturally
  • Machiche wood is an extremely strong, durable and stable high density hardwood decking material.
  • Machiche hardwood decking has very good resistance to termites and decay.
  • Machiche decking and Machiche lumber have a density .897 g/cm3.
  • Machiche wood has a hardness of 2,805 (more than double that of Oak)


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Mataverde® Premium Hardwood Decking Warranty

Machiche decking at hot tub- 100% Pure FSC Machiche

Mataverde High Density Hardwood Machiche Decking

  • Over 2,000,000 feet of Ipe, Cumaru, Garapa and Machiche decking in stock
  • Machiche decking is harvested in an environmentally responsibly manner
  • Machiche decking is available as an FSC Certified decking material
  • Machiche decking is available in several decking sizes and decking profiles
  • Machiche hardwood is a stable, consistent and durable high density decking material
  • Machiche wood is naturally free of toxic preservatives
  • Machiche decking offers a virtually maintenance free option
  • Machiche decking is up to five times harder than pine, cedar decking and redwood decking
  • Mataverde 100% Pure FSC Machiche Decking is available with a 25-year insect and decay resistant warranty
  • Machiche decking is a competitively priced decking material
  • Mataverde Machiche decking lasts...and lasts beautifully

Download Mataverde FSC Machiche Hardwood Fact Sheet

Mataverde 100% Pure FSC Machiche Decking Stock List

All Mataverde Machiche decking is available as an FSC Certified decking material (Forest Stewardship Council certified as 100% pure).

Machiche Decking Sizes (Kiln Dried)

Nominal Machiche Decking Size Actual Size
1x6 Machiche decking KD 3/4"x5-1/2"
5/4x6 Pre-grooved FSC Machiche decking 1"x5-1/2"
5/4x6 FSC Machiche decking KD 1"x5-1/2"

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