5 Amazing Rooftop Decks You Will Love

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High quality green roofing contractors, landscape architects and design professionals love to use high-performance building materials for their projects. And rightly so. Their reputation depends on it. Reliable designers and installers want their work to last, so you can enjoy them, without worry, for many years. Rooftop decks take a powerful punishment by nature. Here’s a few rooftop decks designed and built to last beautifully. Go ahead. Get inspired.

It’s true that second floor decks can provide a great view. But, wow, rooftop decks are in a class all their own. The panoramic sights up here can be spectacular. And if you don’t use it, this space is often wasted. If you have a flat roof and are thinking about a rooftop deck - find out if your roof qualifies for one.

1. Rooftop Deck with Outdoor Spa Shower

If you’d like to stay cool on a hot rooftop in the summertime, this deck features a rooftop spa and shower plus lots of other amenities. Expertly built by City Beautiful Carpentry in New York City. It features Ipe hardwood decking and siding for long lasting beauty.


file-2397617896-1-1Ipe hardwood rooftop deck by City Beautiful Carpentry in New York


2. Roof Deck Designed For The Brooklyn Skyline

This rooftop oasis, designed and built by the Organic Gardener in New York provides an inviting space for the owners. Based in Brooklyn, The Organic Gardener, Inc. is a landscape design firm specializing in striking landscapes for their clients’ homes and businesses throughout New York City. It features Garapa hardwood decking and built-in benches.

Garapa rooftop deck by the Organic Gardener NYCGarapa hardwood decking is featured on this cozy rooftop deck by the Organic Gardener NYC 


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3. Rooftop Deck Design With A View

This stunning residential rooftop deck provides a spectacular panoramic overview of the San Francisco Bay. The outdoor furnishings make it a cozy and delightful space. FSC® Certified Machiche hardwood decking is a long-lasting decking material that is sure to withstand the test of time.

Machiche_hardwood_deck_with_panoramic_view-1FSC Certified Machiche hardwood deck design by Swatt Miers Architects in Los Altos, California

4. Large Rooftop Deck Design

Rooftop decks aren’t just for residences. This spectacular rooftop deck sits atop Stockton University's Aviation Building near Atlantic City in New Jersey. Because this large deck was designed and built in a high wind hurricane zone, special provisions were necessary. The Eurotec deck system was selected to meet and exceed the stringent code requirements. Cumaru hardwood decking was selected for its strength and durability. Students can relax and meet here at the new research facility near campus.


Cumaru hardwood rooftop deck in New JerseyCumaru hardwood decking and siding adorn the rooftop at National Aviation Research & Technology Park


5. Rooftop Deck with Pergola 

Here’s an inviting space with views of the Boston Skyline, Mystic River and beyond. Expertly designed and built by Recover Green Roofs, it provides ample space to enjoy the surrounding beauty. The overhead pergola provides some shading for comfort. Ipe hardwood was chosen for this project for its performance, durability and great looks

FSC Certified Ipe rooftop deck columns and pergolaIpe hardwood deck and pergola star in this rooftop deck by Recover Green Roofs 

That's the top 5 amazing rooftop deck designs for today. For more inspiration and design ideas, download your FREE copy of the "Rooftop Deck Design Ideas Portfolio for more details on these and many more rooftop projects. 

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