Avoid Rooftop Deck problems

Posted by Chris Nolan on Tue, Jul 21, 2015 @ 06:07 AM

Rooftop decks are a wonderful way to create a relaxing oasis atop your home or building... with a spectacular view. Rooftop decks, however, can be problematic for a number of reasons. Care should be taken to eliminate mistakes or potential problems while you are still in the planning phase of your deck project.

Garapa_rooftop_deck_by_the_Organic_Gardener_2Rooftop Deck Problems to Avoid:

  1. All flat roof systems require a method for water to drain off the roof. Whether your rooftop has a pitch to allow water to drain off directly into a gutter or has a drain system built into the roof itself, never impede the flow of water. Always work with the natural water flow, don't fight it.

  2. Structurally, you do not want to place a lot of extra weight on top of an existing roof unless it is designed to handle the additional load.

  3. If your roof was designed to meet the bare minimum code requirements (or obsolete code requirements), it may be necessary to add joists, beams or other structural supports before a deck can be built.

  4. Always have your existing roof structure inspected by a qualified and licensed Professional Engineer prior to building a rooftop deck or structure of any type. They can provide invaluable insight that will protect both you and your project, safely.

  5. Building Inspectors and other Building Code Officials will also have knowledge of the local requirements for snow loads and other important information.

  6. Always consult with these experts prior to construction.

  7. After your deck is installed, it is likely to receive full day UV exposure with little or no shade. A UV inhibiting finish is a great way to protect your wood decking from sun damage and other weather factors.

  8. Be smart and build safely. You'll be rewarded with many years of beauty and service from your new rooftop deck. Enjoy! 


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