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Trespa siding is a fantastic cladding solution. Trespa Pura has the natural look of real wood siding, but without the usual maintenance. And the new Climate-Shield CST-1 Rainscreen Clip makes installing Trespa Pura siding better and faster than ever. The Climate-Shield rainscreen clip automatically sets the appropriate rainscreen gap - without using furring strips. Save time. Save money. You can construct a better functioning wall, beautifully.

Trespa Pura with Climate-Shield CST1 Rainscreen system

Climate-Shield CST1 Rainscreen System saves time and labor


Why Use the CST-1 Rain Screen Clip for Installing Trespa Pura Siding? Climate-Shield is a ‘tried and true’ rainscreen installation system. Created from marine-grade aluminum, many consider Climate-Shield products the best performing rainscreen method on the market. Designed specifically for Trespa Pura installation over plywood sheathing, the new patented CST-1 clip is great way to save time and create a better performing wall.

Trespa Pura with Climate-Shield CST1 Rainscreen system section detailBuild a better cladding assembly. Eliminate the need to use a wood furring strip for your siding installation wherever you can. It's true that having a furring strip to create a rain-screen gap behind your siding is far better than not using a rain-screen at all. But furring strips have limitations. Furring strips can obstruct the air flow in a rainscreen wall cavity. And wood furring strips tend to rot, especially softwood furring strips. Hardwood furring strips are better than softwood furring strips. But eliminating wood furring strips wherever you can, works best of all.

Moisture is your enemy. So, get rid of it. Use the CST-1 rain screen clip for Trespa Pura siding installation.  By eliminating furring strips in the field, the CST-1 clip automatically creates a ¾” pressure equalized wall cavity that allows your wall to dry out quickly - and stay dry.


Where you must use furring strips - protect them. ​You will need furring strips to attach trim at outside corners. If you choose window and door trim, you'll need furring there, too.  Use an EPDM membrane to protect the face of the furring strip. Exposure to UV rays and moisture are the most harmful forces within a rainscreen wall system. An EPDM barrier helps reduce this damage.  But hardwood furring strips and EPDM tape are pricey.  Minimize the need for them wherever you can.


Trespa Pura sidings Royal Mahogany wood decor on new home Trespa Pura siding Royal Mahogany wood decor


Save the expense of furring strips and related material costs. You DON'T NEED furring strips to attach any of your field siding​Start by adding up your cost for hardwood furring strips, then add your cost of EPDM membrane tape. We did this exercise and found out it costs $1.60/SF for material expense alone. (And this did not include labor.) So, if you have a 20 Square job, that means a savings of $3,200 on furring material costs alone.


Reduce your Siding Waste by 5%. By not having to install your Trespa Pura siding on furring strips at 16" on center, you can eliminate 5% of what would otherwise be wasted siding.  With the Climate-Shield CST1 rainscreen clip, you can run your siding planks full length. No need to cut off and throw away 6" of siding on every Trespa board.


Trespa Pura Romantic Walnut cladding on lakefront home in SoutheastTrespa Pura Siding Romantic Walnut wood decor


Save Trespa siding installation time and labor. Get more done with less help. Selecting the CST-1 rain screen clip lets you install all your ‘field’ siding quickly, without using furring strips. Installing the CST-1 rainscreen siding clip uses one screw per clip. So, it takes the same amount of time as using a traditional Trespa clip.

And you'll love the CST1 Starter Rail. It's 8' long, with pre-drilled hole for mounting to plywood or OSB sheathing. You'll set your first course of Trespa siding, nice and level. Quickly. 

The biggest time-savings for you will be the time it would have taken to install the furring strips. Are you short staffed? Having trouble finding reliable skilled carpenters? Having problems meeting your construction schedule? If so, the time you save by NOT having to install furring strips, you can get more done with fewer people.


Trespa Pura Romantic Walnut architectural claddingTrespa Pura wood decors have the look of real wood, without the maintenance


Save labor costs with CST-1 Rainscreen clips. If you look closely at your labor costs, you’ll find whatever labor cost you would have spent to install the furring strips in the field, is now saved.  Most contractors average about $50 per square (100 SF) for labor cost for furring strip and EPDM tape installation. So, if you’re installing 2,000 square feet of Trespa siding, that’s an additional savings of $1,000.  

In summary, using the new Climate-Shield CST-1 rain screen clip over plywood sheathing can save you time, material price and labor expense. And you get a better wall system that will outperform a furring strip installation. Trespa Pura is a premium cladding product. Install it better. Save time. Save money. Go home early. Make your customers happy. Everybody wins.




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