Ipe Deck Fasteners and Deck Fastening Options

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When you are dealing with high density hardwood decking materials such as Ipe decking, you need to be aware of their special deck fastening requirements. Ipe decking is so hard and so strong it requires special Ipe deck fasteners. To ensure that your Ipe deck fasteners last as long as your Ipe decking, special care must be taken when selecting your deck fasteners. 

Here are three commonly used Ipe deck fasteners:

  • Stainless steel decking screws (pre-drill the holes)
  • Stainless steel Ejector decking screws (no pre-drilling required)
  • Hidden Ipe fasteners such as the Mataverde Hidden Deck Fastener

The strongest Ipe deck fastener method is a direct screw down application. The sleekest looking Ipe deck fastener is the Mataverde Hidden Deck Fastener. The most labor intensive Ipe deck fastener is pre-drilling a stainless steel screw. Each type of Ipe deck fastener has its own particular application and uses.

A few things to keep in mind when selecting an Ipe deck fastener are:

1.) How high above the ground is your Ipe deck?

    a. If the Ipe deck is more than 30" above the ground with adequate ventilation under the deck, hidden fasteners or stainless steel screws are all good options as Ipe deck fasteners. For hidden fasteners, such as the Mataverde deck clip, using pre-grooved decking boards saves lots of labor time.

Mataverde hidden deck fastener works great with pre-grooved decking

    b. If the Ipe deck is less than 30" above the ground or has less than ideal ventilation under the deck, the holding power of a stainless steel screw is the preferred Ipe deck fastener.

Ejector screw Ipe deck fastener   huge labor savings

Stainless Steel Ejector Screw saves time and labor as an Ipe deck fastener

2.) How thick is your Ipe decking board?

For thinner Ipe decking boards (such as 1x4 or 1x6 decking), we recommend to use a stainless steel Ipe deck screw for a deck fastener.  At this thickness, especially when located close to the ground (moisture) a stainless steel deck screw has stronger holding power as an Ipe deck fastener.

Ipe deck screw  stainless steel ipe deck fastener

Stainless steel deck screw is a powerful Ipe deck fastener

3.) How wide is your Ipe decking board?

In most residential Ipe deck installations that have adequate ventilation under the deck, the real question becomes, "Which deck fastener will look best and work best for my hardwood deck?"

    a.) If you are using a narrow Ipe deck board (5/4 x 4' Ipe decking), a hidden Ipe deck fastener looks great for sleek, uninterrupted visual lines.  A stainless steel decking screw with a small head also looks great in this application.

Request a Mataverde  Hidden Deck Fastener Sample


    b.) If you are using a wider Ipe decking board (1 x 6 Ipe decking, 5/4 x 6 nominal Ipe decking), the Ejector screw is a terrific Ipe deck fastener.  The Ejector Screw Ipe deck fastener has superior holding power, minimal labor costs and the exposed screw head looks more proportional with a wider Ipe deck board.  A stainless steel deck screw is also a good Ipe deck fastener option with a wider Ipe deck board. The holding power of the stainless steel screw is very powerful and the smaller head is less visible.  For a nearly invisible hidden deck fastener appearance, the Mataverde Ipe deck fastener is a beautiful option.

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