What Makes Hardwood Decking Cup and How Can I Prevent It?

Posted by Chris Nolan on Wed, Sep 11, 2019 @ 06:09 AM

When there is an imbalance in a wood board, it may tend to cup. How does this happen? Occasionally (mostly with softwoods) the orientation of the grain in the board facilitates the board to cup. But it is external forces that causes the movement to happen. These forces (especially moisture) wreak the most havoc on hardwood deck boards. This is especially true with exterior woods, where there are many weather factors in play.

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Ipe Wood Decking vs. Composite Decking

Posted by Chris Nolan on Fri, Sep 6, 2019 @ 08:09 AM

Have you ever wondered how Ipe decking compares to composite decking and other synthetic decking products? We get asked similar questions pretty often. The differences between Ipe decking and the synthetic decking materials are so diverse, it makes more sense to start with how they are similar; they are both moderate to high priced decking material options. The similarities between Ipe decking and synthetic decking pretty much stop there. 

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New Seaport Building Sports a Deck

Posted by Chris Nolan on Tue, Sep 3, 2019 @ 05:09 AM

Rated as the top place to visit when you’re in Connecticut, the Mystic Seaport is a memorable experience for people of all ages. This slice of American maritime history offers spectacular views and amenities.  They recently constructed a new building to showcase many of their additional exhibits. The design team chose FSC Certified hardwood decking for all the porches and decks that wrap around this beautiful structure.

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Anatomy of a Hardwood Deck Project

Posted by Chris Nolan on Thu, Jul 25, 2019 @ 07:07 AM


“Various hardwood decking species can be combined together to create a completely different look for your deck. In this case, Ipe decking and Garapa decking were combined together artfully for a totally unique project. It may sound a little eclectic, but I think you’ll agree that the results are stunning and the clients are thrilled with their new deck.”

Bob Ohle, of Brookhill Builders, Inc. in Wadsworth, Illinois recently completed a beautiful hardwood deck for his own home.  After looking at the care and diligence Bob exercised when building this remarkable hardwood deck, we thought it was just too good not to share his secrets with you.  You can see more pictures of this deck and Brookhill Builders' other work on their Facebook page here.

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Top 6 Reasons Why a Wood Deck Adds Value to Your Home

Posted by Chris Nolan on Tue, Jun 11, 2019 @ 05:06 AM

Every year, decking projects are at the top of the list of home improvements that add value to your home. And wood decks have a better return on investment than synthetic decking.  People love the natural look of real wood. Especially outdoors on a deck. Wood decks add value. And not just to your home. To your quality of life.

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