Climate-Shield Rainscreen Wood Siding Profile Better Than Ever

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Climate-Shield Wood Rainscreen Siding profile is more beautiful and functional than ever before. This new Climate-Shield rainscreen siding profile can be used with such sustainable wood siding species such as; Ipe siding, Jatoba siding, Garapa siding, FSC Machiche siding, FSC Santa Maria siding and more. These outstanding and sustainably harvested rainscreen wood siding species ensure durability, stability and beauty for your rain screen system for years to come.

New Rainscreen Siding profile for the Climate-Shield Rain Screen Wood Siding System

new climate shield rainscreen 1x6 wood siding profileThe new siding profile ensures that your rainscreen wood siding installation has clean and sleek sight lines. The ease of installation to create a vertical, diagonal or horizontal rainscreen siding design is better than ever before. Check out our new architectural detail for the new rainscreen wood siding profile. As you can see from the architectural detail on the left, the "face size" of a typical 1x6 rainscreen siding for the Climate-Shield Rain Screen System is 4-1/2". The "coverage size" is 4-11/16" for 1x6 nominal rainscreen siding. The space between rainscreen siding pieces is 3/16" and this narrower gap creates a cleaner and sharper sight line for the profile. 

Climate Shield rainscreen siding profile for Ipe wood siding

The Climate-Shield Rain Screen Wood Siding System remains as quick and simple to install as ever and requires no furring strips to achieve your sustainable design goals. The Climate Shield Rain Screen System is the most cost effective way to create a truly sustainable rainscreen wood siding design. The rainscreen clip creates a uniform 3/4" wall cavity behind the rainscreen to create an even flow of air and quick elimination of bulk water and moisture. This economical rain screen system is a viable exterior cladding option that is being welcomed in the green building, architectural and design communities.

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