Ipe Hardwood- Best Outdoor Wood for All Types of Outdoor Projects

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Ipe hardwood has been used successfully for so many years, it has earned its well deserved reputation as the best outdoor wood species for a wide variety of outdoor projects. From backyard decking to famous boardwalks to rain screen siding, Ipe is often the material of choice for beautiful outdoor projects. Ipe wood is hard, strong, long lasting and beautiful. This species is responsibly harvested in an environmentally friendly manner.

mataverde-ipe-decking-with-custom-architectural-pergola-and-sunscreen-648310b73d672Ipe decking, privacy screening and pergola

What Makes Ipe Hardwood So Special?

  • Durability - whether you are using Ipe decking, Ipe timbers or Ipe siding, high density Ipe hardwood is known to be an incredibly long lasting exterior wood species that lasts for many decades with little or no maintenance other than an occasional cleaning.

  • Hardness - with a hardness nearly three times greater than oak, Ipe wood can withstand all kinds of abuse. Ipe has been used successfully on boardwalks, walkways and other areas that receive tremendous amounts of foot traffic and more.

  • High density - the natural high density of Ipe wood makes it an extremely decay and insect resistant wood species.

  • Strength - Ipe is a nearly unparalleled wood when comparing strengths of wood species. Ipe outspans and outperforms of all other commonly used decking materials, particularly synthetic composite and plastic decking materials.

  • Beauty - Ipe is an all natural wood species that ranges in color from light tan and olive browns to dark brown tones. Ipe also has exotic grain variations and tropical character and striping.

  • Great long term value - While Ipe is priced in the medium to higher range of decking materials when it is first purchased, the long term cost savings using Ipe hardwood are significant.  In a recent life cycle cost analysis, Ipe was found to be the lowest cost decking material in the study. 

Ipe is a fabulous decking material because it holds up so well and remains beautiful and functional throughout its long lifetime. For purists, who like the look of naturally weathered material, Ipe decking is a great choice of decking materials. For others who would like to see the original, natural wood tones, an occasional coat of decking oil can make your deck look brand new. Either way, Ipe decking lasts...and lasts beautifully.

ipe-decking-on-boardwalk-at-playland-park-in-rye-new-york-resized-600-1-1Ipe decking holds up so well it can be used on high traffic projects. Playland Park boardwalk, Rye, New York

Ipe hardwood siding is reaching new heights in popularity. With all the emphasis on healthy, natural and long lasting homes and structures, rain screen wood siding systems using Ipe are on the rise. Rain screen siding systems add to the overall longevity of a building, so Ipe cladding becomes a natural wood siding material of choice.

Ipe lumber and Ipe timbers are used in building a wide variety of exterior structures from decks, docks and piers to pergolas, bridges, outdoor furniture and playgrounds.  Here again, the strength, natural beauty, hardness and durability are big factors for selecting Ipe wood for these outdoor projects.

ipepergolaandarborIpe Pergola, posts and privacy fence on rooftop deck

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