Cumaru Wood Outdoor Project Ideas

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Cumaru Wood - Outdoor Project Ideas

When you think about the remarkable performance characteristics of Cumaru hardwood, there is no wonder why Cumaru is becoming such a popular option for outdoor projects of all types.  Then, when you consider the affordable pricing, rich coloration and exotic graining of Cumaru wood, you get a much better idea of why so many architects, builders and owners are using Cumaru as their outdoor wood species of choice.  Cumaru is a high density, sustainably harvested hardwood building material that looks great and lasts extremely well outdoors.

Cumaru siding, soffits and rooftop deck

Cumaru railings, decking, soffit, siding and fascia boards

Cumaru decking is frequently used for residential decks, walkways and porches by homeowners and builders alike.  Cumaru lumber is often selected for boardwalks and other high traffic areas that require a hard, high density exterior building material that looks beautiful and can take a beating.  During Hurricane/Super Storm Sandy for example, the areas of the Coney Island boardwalk that were replaced with Cumaru decking several years before the storm hit, still look terrific and perform exceptionally well, despite the extreme conditions and tremendous abuse they receive every day.


Cumaru wood steps, stairs, risers, railings, decking and trim on Pier 15 in NYC


Key Benefits of Cumaru Wood for Outdoor Projects and Structures

  • High density hardwood is resistant to wear and tear
  • Class A flame spread rated building material
  • Mataverde Cumaru decking has a WUI (Wildlife Urban Interface) label and listing
  • Rated very durable against termites and decay
  • Exotic graining and color variations look beautiful
  • Has extremely low life cycle costs compared to other building material options
  • Low maintenance option
Cumaru lumber used for decking lumber on esplanade walkway

Cumaru lumber can also be used for railing systems for decks, fencing and fence posts, trellises, pergolas and many other outdoor structures.  Whenever the important design concerns for an outdoor project call for long lasting, natural materials that will look great for many years and withstand lots of punishment, Cumaru wood is a good material to consider.  Cumaru wood can also be used very effectively as a wood siding material and is commonly used in rain screen systems.





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