Cumaru hardwood backyard deck with stairs and railing



The natural beauty and versatility of Mataverde Premium Cumaru Wood Decking has made it one of our most popular decking materials. Whether you're a homeowner, builder or architect, you'll appreciate the versatility of this remarkable material with a low life-cycle cost - perfect for a wide variety of outdoor projects. 

Grown in Brazil, eco-friendly Cumaru hardwood decking and lumber is naturally resistant to rot and insect damage. Its strength and durability help to create elegant outdoor wood projects boardwalks, walkways, stunning pergolas, porches, railings, bridges, benches and gazebos. From residential decks and privacy screens to boardwalks and piers, this eco-friendly wood is ideal for projects built to last.


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Cumaru Decking FSC® Certified Cumaru Boardwalk Cumaru Decking at Health Spa


Mataverde Cumaru Decking and Cumaru Lumber are excellent material choices for projects where the following design criteria are of high importance:

Project Criteria

Cumaru Decking

Cumaru Lumber

Sustainable building material Yes Yes
Available FSC Certified Yes Yes
25 year limited warranty Yes Yes
Class A fire resistance Yes Yes
High density Yes Yes
Tropical graing and color variations Yes Yes
Natural insect resistance Yes Yes
Natural decay resistance Yes Yes
Scratch resistant Yes Yes
Ages gracefully to silvery patina Yes Yes
Low Life-Cycle cost Yes Yes


Types of projects where Cumaru Decking, Lumber or Siding are appropriate materials: 

 Project Type

 Appropriate Cumaru Material  

Residential Deck  Decking --------
Porch Flooring Decking  --------
Pool/Hot Tub Area Decking  --------
Railings Decking Lumber
Walkway Decking Lumber
Foot Bridge Decking Lumber
Pergola Decking Lumber
Gazebo Decking Lumber
Boardwalk -------- Lumber
Dock Decking Lumber
Pier Decking Lumber
Rain Screen Siding  -------- Siding
Fence Decking Lumber
Trellis Decking Lumber
Privacy Screen Decking Lumber
Tables Decking Lumber
Benches  Decking Lumber
Outdoor Furniture Decking Lumber
Outdoor Kitchen -------- Siding
Playground Equipment Decking Lumber
Planters/Flower Boxes Decking  --------


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