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Cumaru hardwood  deck in California.jpgCumaru decking is an incredibly hard, durable and beautiful high density hardwood decking material. Unlike synthetic decking, Cumaru is all natural real wood decking. Cumaru wood is harvested sustainably in ideal growing conditions. Cumaru is a high density hardwood ranging in color from yellow brown to reddish brown and has coarse exotic grain variations. There is nothing artificial about Cumaru hardwood decking and it has some truly amazing properties.

Cumaru is more then three times as hard as pressure treated decking and is extremely resistant to scratching and gouges. Cumaru is so Cumaru decking is strong, beautiful and long-lastingresistant to traffic and abrasion, it has been selected for use in world reknowned boardwalks and other high traffic outdoor projects. Any scratches that may occur from severe abuse on Cumaru decking can be quickly sanded out using 80 grit sandpaper. On the other hand, synthetic composite decking is comparatively very soft and abrades easily. Scratches can not be sanded out of synthetic and plastic decking without ruining the appearance of the decking material.

Cumaru decking on a pedestiran walkway at Pier 15 in New York CityLike Ipe decking, Cumaru decking is very strong and is rated as a Class A fire resistant material. With Cumaru decking, you don't have to worry about cigar or cigarette burns melting or marring your decking surface. Many synthetic composite and plastic decking materials are very vulnerable to extreme heat and burns. As a matter of fact, many synthetic decking materials retain significant amounts of heat and can become very flexible when they are hot. Cumaru decking, however is extremely strong and stable and will not flex and bend when it is hot out outside.

Cumaru decking is available in the same price range as many composite decking and synthetic decking materials. Cumaru decking lasts so long (Mataverde Cumaru decking has a 25 year limited warranty), the long term cost return on your Cumaru deck investment is among the lowest of all decking options. See how Cumaru decking compares to composite decking material prices. Whether you are considering materials for decking, outdoor furniture, wood siding or other outdoor structure, Cumaru is a long lasting hardwood species worth checking out.

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