Wood Rainscreen Design: Vertical Siding Details

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Most wood rainscreen designs involve a complicated pattern and multiple layers of furring strips to create a vertical rain screen that functions adequately. The installation of layered furring strips typically costs more and takes significantly longer than other rain screen installation methods. The elegantly simple design of the Climate-Shield rainscreen clip eliminates the need for furring strips in most vertical rainscreen designs and installations. The Climate-Shield rain screen clip is installed in an upright fashion and securely fastened directly to the exterior structural sheathing for fast and efficient rain screen installation.



Starting with a level installation of the Climate-Shield Vertical Siding Starter Rail (CSVSSR8), the bottoms of the rain screen siding boards are notched 1/8" to set on the front edge of the rain screen starter rail. The Climate-Shield rain screen clips are installed just above the starter rail to firmly secure the siding boards directly to the building envelope (without any furring strips at all). Just above the first row of rain screen clips, Cor-A-Vent SV5 siding vent is installed to allow adequate ventilation and prevent insect and pest intrusion. Siding boards can be notched as required to fit around window and door openings.



Climate-Shield Rain Screen Under Soffit Detail with 1x6 wood siding installed vertically

Install the wood siding boards, using as many boards as required to reach the height of the soffit. Climate-Shield Rain Screen clips are installed at the top end of each wood siding board. The wood siding boards are cut 1/8" short to allow adequate ventilation at the top of the wall section. Cor-A-Vent SV5 siding vent is installed below the rain screen clips to allow moisture vapor to egress and minimize any insect intrusion into the wall cavity.



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