Ipe Wood: Amazingly Versatile Exterior Hardwood

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Ipe wood has proven itself to be one of the most amazingly versatile exterior building materials for construction projects of all types. Ipe wood is available in a wide variety of sizes from 2x2 Ipe balusters to 4x12 Ipe beams and 6x6 Ipe posts and timbers.  Ipe wood has such incredible physical and mechanical properties it can be used in areas that standard hardwoods and other exterior building materials cannot be used. From backyard decks and outdoor furniture to boardwalks, bridges and pergolas, Ipe wood can be used, naturally and beautifully in a wide variety of different projects to build a range of different structures.

The Physical Characteristics of Ipe Wood Make Ipe the Most Appropriate Specification for Many Outdoor Structures and Projects


For decks, docks, walkways and boardwalks,ipe-built-in-furniture-bench-and-ipe-planters-2 where Ipe will be installed horizontally and receive lots of activity, the extreme hardness of Ipe wood alone makes it the most suitable material to resist abrasion from pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Ipe wood decking is also extremely long lasting and is rated as very durable by the United States Forest Products Laboratory. Because Ipe decking is naturally resistant to slippage and will rarely splinter, Ipe wood works particularly well around pools, docks, piers and other wet areas where people are apt to walk barefoot.

The fiber strength of Ipe wood allows designers to span greater areas than other ipe-beams-posts-and-timbers-pergola-construction-detailsbuilding materials for larger structures, such as playground equipment, gazebos and pergolas.  Because Ipe wood has a fiber bending strength of 23,360 pounds per square inch, Ipe can significantly out span pressure treated pine lumber by nearly twice the distance. Architects and designers can clear-span greater distances with Ipe wood than nearly any other wood species. The long lasting nature of Ipe wood also reduces overall life cycle costs for structures built with ipe.

Ipe wood siding is increasing in popularity Amazing Ipe fence and privacy wall made from Ipe rain screen siding materialdue to its beautiful appearance and exotic graining. The long lasting lifetime of Ipe siding helps make it an affordable investment over its life cycle. Ipe wood siding works great for rain screen systems because it is so stable and durable. Ipe wood is also being specified and used when a long lasting exterior building material is needed for fencing and outdoor privacy panels.

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