Cable Rail System: Great Option for a Beautiful Ipe Deck

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Cable Rail System for a Hardwood Deck

When talking to customers about choosing a railing system for their deck, we often get asked about cable railing and stainless steel cable rail systems.  More than anything, people love the look of a deck cable rail system. They love the increased visibility of cable rail versus a standard wood railing or vinyl railing system.  The main objection is usually about the price. The next objection that I hear is about possible safety concerns.  I have learned a lot of ways to keep the cost of the railing system down and I can assure you, this railing system is a very safe deck railing system.  While cable rail might not be for everybody, it may be perfect for you and your deck.

You can’t beat the look of a cable rail cable-rail-with-ipe-posts-1system.  The railing system offers clean lines and a strong modern look. The visibility that is created with a cable rail system is second to none.  Whether you have an ocean view or a beautiful forest vista, the stainless steel virtually disappears into the background, giving you an uncompromised view from your deck.  Most of our clients choose long lasting hardwood decking materials like Ipe decking, Cumaru decking and Garapa decking for their new deck. A stainless steel deck cable railing system not only looks great with a hardwood deck, but will last as long as these beautiful natural decking materials.

With the proper tension and number of cables, cable railing is every bit as safe as ipe-posts-with-cable-railother heavier looking deck railing options, but with a much sleeker look. Occasionally, people have concerns about small children possibly being able to climb between the cables. To prevent this, Building codes require that you install the cables close enough to each other so that a 4 inch solid ball cannot pass through the cable. For added safety, Cable railings typically need 11 to 13 runs of cable per section, depending on the height of the railing. 

Here are some ways to keep the cost down and still create a beautiful Cable Rail system.  Most of the cost of a cable rail system is in the connections rather than the cable itself.  Each termination or corner that you have will add more connector pieces to the system.  IfIpe deck with cable rail you design your deck with minimal corners or softer corners, you can use longer runs of cable, thus using less connector pieces.  If you are worried about getting the right tension in the cable with using longer runs, there are turnbuckles available that will maximize your torque while tensioning you cable rail.  Also, you can use the right diameter cable for your application.  Most home applications only need to use a 1/16” cable.  I know that it may seem thin but that little cable is extremely strong and has low visibility.

A Cable rail system for a deck might not be for everybody, but if a clean looking railing system that offers extraordinary views from your deck is important to you, this might be a deck railing option for you to consider. If not, there are many other deck railing options for your new or existing deck.

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