Ipe Siding Makes a Beautiful Architectural Rainscreen Cladding

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Ipe siding can be used to create a beautiful architectural rainscreen cladding material. While Ipe siding is often selected for rainscreen siding because of its beauty, the fact that Ipe is such a long lasting and durable wood species makes it a wise decision as well. After all, one of the key benefits of a rainscreen system is to improve the life cycle of the structure and there aren't many other wood species that will last as long as Ipe siding.

Ipe vertical wood rain screenDesign Ipe siding vertically with the Climate-Shield rainscreen system


Key Benefits of Using Ipe Siding in a Rain Screen System:

  • Ipe siding has natural character and color variations that add interest Ipe cladding in Climate Shield rainscreen wood siding installlationand beauty to the structure, whether it is a residence, commercial building, school, municipal building or a church

  • Ipe cladding will last as long as the rainscreen system and can extend the lifetime of a building. Many of the stave churches throughout Norway that were built in the Middle Ages are still standing. These early uses of wood rain screens are a living testimonial to the longevity of a well designed rain screen system.

  • The life cycle costs of a rainscreen system using Ipe siding are far lower than many other architectural cladding options.

  • Ipe sidng in Climate Shield rainscreen cladding system

    Ipe siding is an all natural, sustainably harvested material. Ipe is a renewable natural resource that can be replaced within a single lifetime when harvested using eco-friendly guidelines such as FSC and IBAMA/SEMA.

  • Ipe rainscreen cladding can add warmth and richness to the appearance of a home or other structure.

  • Ipe is a very stable high density hardwood siding material that exhibits very little movement over time. This makes Ipe siding an ideal material for a rain screen siding application.

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