Ipe Rainscreen Siding: A Sustainable Solution

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Using Ipe wood siding in a rainscreen system incorporates many key sustainable design principles: healthy design, minimized potential for moisture damage, extended life of structure and reduced overall life cycle costs. Ipe siding produces a handsome and long lasting protective wood rainscreen which prevents the elements from attacking the structure of a home or building.  The wall cavity that is created by the Ipe rainscreen allows any bulk water intrusion to shed and flow out of the system. This wall cavity creates an egress for any moisture from within the structure as well.

climate-shield-rainscreen-siding-profile-for-ipe-wood-siding-1Ipe siding has many characteristics that allow it to work exceptionally well in a rainscreen system. One of these characteristics is its stability. Ipe wood has minimum expansion and contraction once it adjusts to the EMC (Equilibrium Moisture Content) of its environment. After Ipe siding has fully acclimated to its new home, it is an extremely durable and long lasting wood siding option. The incredible density of Ipe siding is a key factor in its resistance to decay and insects. Ipe is also a Class A fire rated hardwood, making Ipe siding a highly desired wood siding option, particularly in highly populated areas and areas prone to forest fires.

When Ipe siding is used with the Climate-Shield™ Rain Screen Wood Siding System, a whole range of additional healthy and sustainable benefits come into play:

  • Minimized thermal bridging. The elimination of furring strips in the Climate-Shield™ Rainscreen Wood Siding System reduces the thermal bridging to the structure over 750% when compared to traditional rainscreen systems using furring strips.  Less than 2% of the building envelope is covered with Climate-Shield Rainscreen Clips.

  • Additional capacity to eliminate moisture. By eliminating the furring strips in the Climate-Shield rainscreen design, there is no moisture trapped behind the furring strips. Typical rainscreen installations using furring strips cover over 15% of the building envelope.

  • Elimination of food source for mold. Wood furring strips are hygroscopic (absorb moisture) and often trap moisture against the building envelope. Wet wood is a food source for mold. Mold is a formula for rot and decay and an unhealthy building design.

  • Ipe siding will last for decades and decades. With the Climate-Shield Rainscreen System, the entire system is designed for extended life of the structure, making Ipe siding and other durable wood siding materials very advantageous.

Ipe siding can also be an extremely low maintenance wood siding material. If you climate-shield-rainscreen-installation-using-mataverde-ipe-hardwood-sidingwould like to allow your wood siding to weather to a mellow silvery gray patina, very little maintenance is required with Ipe siding. An occasional rinse will keep your Ipe siding looking beautiful. The durability and high density of the Ipe siding does the rest of the work all on its own. Ipe siding is an environmentally friendly, sustainably harvested, wood siding option.

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