The Rain Screen Ipe Wood Siding Advantage - Part 3

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Ipe_rain_screen_facade_in_Brooklyn_NYIf you are trying to decide between vinyl and wood siding, just look at classic homes throughout history. There is one constant in all of the grand homes of the late 1800s to modern day triumphs of design--a natural wood exterior. 

Now imagine getting the same, warm visual effects of natural wood siding but with the durability of Ipe wood. The same options that you get with natural wood siding you also receive with Ipe wood siding, only with extra durability, strength, insect resistance and easier installation.

Imagine the same high density wood that looks as good as decking, but on the side of your mataverde-ipe-decking-and-siding-earns-class-a-fire-rating-2home. Ipe wood is naturally scratch resistant and best of all, absolutely beautiful. With a standard 25 year limited warranty against decay and insects available on our Ipe wood siding, the fear of high maintenance costs should be alleviated.

All of our Ipe wood siding is sustainably harvested and is also available FSC certified! We have all seen the FSC logo at one time or another when looking at natural wood. FSC is the Forest Stewardship Council, a group consisting of local governments, loggers, local natives and Green organizations, who are dedicated to providing wood in the most ecofriendly way possible.

Every time you purchase sustainably harvested wood, you know that everyone agreed upon the logging techniques, and there is minimum impact to the environment, animals and local people. We all know that the forests are considered "the lungs of the earth" and sustainable harvesting ensures that there are as many mature trees at the end of the forestry cycle as there were at the beginning.

We agree, which is why we carry not only the best looking Ipe wood siding for your home, but the best wood for the environment.  If you are torn between vinyl siding and Ipe wood siding, just see the difference and you’ll agree that Ipe wood siding is the way to go!

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