Artfully Using natural wood Siding with a  RainScreen System

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When choosing wood siding for the Climate-Shield Rain Screen Wood Siding System, clients often inquire about specific lengths, envisioning a seamless, homogeneous appearance without butt joints. While this idealized vision is compelling, it's crucial to embrace the natural beauty and variations inherent in real wood siding. Understanding the uniqueness of each hardwood siding board is key to achieving a stunning and authentic aesthetic.

Mataverde thermally modified wood rainscreen siding with oil finish on St Pete pier in Florida

Random length tally of thermally modified wood rainscreen siding in Florida


The Uniqueness of Real Wood

Real wood is inherently diverse, exhibiting variations in color and grain from board to board and within individual boards. Embracing these natural variations is essential when working with hardwood siding, as it adds a rich and tropical graining character that distinguishes it from other materials.

The best, sustainable, premium hardwoods are Ipe, FSC Machiche, Jatoba, Cumaru, and Garapa. These hardwoods offer you a wide variety of natural color ranges from Garapa's golden blonde to FSC Machiche's chocolate brown to Jatoba's (a/k/a Brazilian Cherry) reddish browns. All of these hardwoods offer a high fiber density that provides strength, high resistance to decay and insect damage, and longevity of your design, 

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Random length tally of Ipe wood rainscreen siding showing artful arrangement of colors, graining and lengths

Consider Alternatives for Uniformity.  

For projects requiring a more uniform appearance, alternatives such as high quality and consistent wood-look siding by Pura NFC siding by Trespa. Or, painted wood or metal siding may be considered. These materials often offer a more consistent and monochromatic look, better suited for specific color and siding design schemes.

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Embrace the Beauty of Hardwood

If you appreciate the stunning array of colors and textures found in hardwood siding, combined with the benefits of the Climate-Shield Rain Screen System, consider artistic arrangements to highlight these variations. Mixing and matching boards with different colors, lengths, and graining can elevate the overall aesthetic of your wood siding.

Jatoba rainscreen siding on storefront

Random length tally of Jatoba wood siding rainscreen in New York

Artistic Arrangement for Unique Artwork

To enhance the natural beauty of your wood siding, embrace creativity by artistically arranging boards similar to hardwood floor design. Be daring, mix, match, blend, and vary the boards to create a visually striking piece of unique artwork for your home or outdoor structure.


Random length tally of FSC Certified Machiche wood rainscreen siding


Avoid Pre-Selecting Without Seeing

Choosing a specified tally of siding boards without inspecting each piece can lead to dissatisfaction with the finished project. Insisting on predetermined lengths before seeing the wood limits your ability to arrange and blend boards on-site, potentially compromising the visual harmony of the siding.

Freedom with Climate-Shield Rain Screen System

Installing the Climate-Shield Rain Screen System over OSB or plywood provides flexibility. Rainscreen clips screw directly into the sheathing, eliminating the need for wood furring strips. This allows the full use of each siding board or any portion thereof. With minimal waste, you can cut and reuse boards, ensuring a visually pleasing result for your project.

Unlock the true potential of your architectural project by artfully utilizing hardwood siding with the Climate-Shield Rain Screen System. Embrace the natural variations, mix it up, and create a masterpiece that stands out with the unique beauty of real wood. Let creativity flourish, and transform your project into a statement of timeless elegance.


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