What’s A Rain Screen & Why Is It Important?

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If you’re in the process of siding your home or replacing the current wood siding, it's important to the longevity of the siding, and your home itself, that you also incorporate a rain screen. 

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What is a rain screen?
A rain screen is the first layer of defense from the elements, including wind driven rain. To lower the risk of wall rot due to moisture, it’s important to provide a ventilated air gap between the siding and sheathing. 


Why is a rain screen important?
Rain screen gaps help walls manage moisture by dry the sheathing, which may accumulate moisture during cold weather. It also helps to dry the siding when it is soaked by rain. The best designed wood rain screen systems have large amounts of unrestricted air flow behind the rain screen and are firmly fastened to the building envelope.

A proper rain screen wood siding system should be an open-joint rain screen system or a ventilated wood siding system. With a wood rain screen system, moisture from inside the structure passes to the outside and water that penetrates through the joints in the rain screen can also escape.


Who needs one?
Though every home or sided structure could benefit from a rain screen, it is especially important for those that are located in especially wet climates.


Climate-Shield Rain-Screen Wood Siding System
No current rain screen on the market performs anywhere near as well as the Climate-Shield Rain Screen Wood Siding System. The Climate Shield Rain Screen Clip and the system's patented technology are designed for horizontal, vertical or diagonal rain screen siding installations; so there’s no need to design complicated furring strip layouts. The rain screen clip acts as its own spacer, uniformly, each time and every time, providing the proper spacing off the side wall and can be screwed directly into suitable exterior sheathing.


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Climate-Shield Rain Screen

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