Machiche Wood Rain Screen Project in Austin, Texas

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When designing the Carpenter’s Union Training Center in Austin, Texas, architect David Prickett of Carlile Coatsworth Architects chose the Climate-Shield rain screen system due to its superior sustainable design capabilities. Because the Climate-Shield rain screen system requires no wood furring strips, there is a minimal amount (typically less than 2%) of thermal bridging on the exterior of the building. Equally important, the lack of obstructions on the building envelope allows for a superior and unimpeded moisture removal, from within the building and any bulk water outside the structure. This is a unique design advantage of the Climate-Shield rain screen system.

Machiche wood rain screen at Carpenter's hall in Austin Texas


Hardwood siding was selected for this project due to its durability and natural beauty.  FSC® certified Machiche hardwood was selected for the wood siding not only for its sustainability, but because of the rich tropical graining and color variations.  The design team wanted an organic wood to blend and complement with the inorganic masonry, glass and metal exterior design elements for a more cohesive combination of colors and textures in the design. We think he nailed it!


Way-Tech Inc., a full service construction management company based in Houston, Texas was responsible for the construction of this project and the installation of the wood rain screen system. As soon as the installation team got rolling FSC certified hardwood siding rain screen mitered outside cornerinstalling the Machiche rain screen, the siding installation went smoothly. A very nice installation detail was the way the outside corners were mitered and aligned on site.

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