Eurotec Develops New Joist for Rooftop Deck Installations 

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“The Eurotec Auluminum System Profile serves as a joist so full length hardwood decking can be used to surface balconies, patio top and rooftop decks. Eurotec developed a new profile for this product, and better yet, it is now available in black.


If you have installed a rooftop or patio top deck with the Eurotec Deck System, you already know that it combines adjustable pedestals, and a lightweight but strong aluminum frame system that allows you to use full length deck boards. Eurotec provides a unique system that works well for patio top, balcony and rooftop deck installations. Full length hardwood deck boards can then be fastened to this framework.

Eurotec Aluminum system profile and pedestal  rooftop deck assembly

What does the Eurotec Aluminum System Profile do?

Together with the adjustable pedestals, the Eurotec Aluminum System Profile provides a sturdy deck frame assembly. Here are a few of the benefits of using this unique deck framing component, especially for rooftop deck installations:

  • Lightweight yet sturdy

  • Straight and true, easy to level

  • Will not warp, split, check or crack

  • Non combustible

  • Allows you to use full length deck boards

  • Provides a highly stable surface for you to fasten your deck boards

Eurotec Aluminum System Profile - BlackBecause many of our clients prefer it, the Eurotec Aluminum System Profile is now available in black. Many decks, particularly rooftop decks, get lots of exposure to the sunlight, oftentimes all day long. The low glare black finish on the Aluminum System profile makes it barely visible in the spaces between deck boards. 


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