How to Install a Stunning Ipe Rooftop Deck

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Check out this stunning waterfront rooftop deck installation in South Carolina. This home is directly on the ocean, so they chose Ipe hardwood decking. Ipe decking can handle the punishing weather of a coastal deck installation. Then, they selected Mataverde Eurotec deck system components, including adjustable deck pedestals and marine grade aluminum joists. This unique rooftop deck system provides a long-lasting weather-resistant frame for the deck. 

This partially covered rooftop balcony deck gently system pitches away from the home, towards the ocean. The Eurotec adjustable deck pedestals and aluminum joists create a sturdy and level surface for the decking. You can ‘dial’ the adjustable deck pedestals to the exact height you need.

Laying out the Eurotec Profi-line adjustable deck pedestals with the aluminum system profile joistsThe installation crew is setting up the Eurotec pedestals and aluminum system profiles

Next comes the Eurotec Aluminum System Profile. This unique track is made with marine grade aluminum for maximum durability, even in harsh marine climates. the Aluminum System Profile is straighter than wood joists and will not rot. And for lower visibility, it is available in anodized black.

Eurotec adjustable deck pedestal, click foot adapter and aluminum system profile create a great deck frame for rooftop decksEurotec adjustable pedestals create the right height for your deck frame

To attach the adjustable deck pedestals to the aluminum track, use the Eurotec ‘Click Foot’ adapter.  The Click Foot adapter clicks into the adjustable pedestal. Then the aluminum track clicks into the pedestal. 

Now the deck frame is ready to receive the 5/4 x 6 Ipe decking. Face mounted screws are the strongest fastening option, especially for a low clearance deck. However, the owner did not want to see screw heads on this deck. So, they had a choice of two hidden fasteners; the Eurotec Deck Glider or the Twin System Holder. The Twin System Holder hidden fastener works well for narrower deck boards.

Ipe decking boards are installed using Eurotec Deck Glider hidden fastenersEurotec Deck Glider hidden fasteners allow for expansion and contraction of the deck boards

The Deck Glider hidden fastener performs best, especially with the wider 5/4 x 6 Ipe decking boards on this deck.  So, they chose the Deck Glider hidden fastener.  Because of its unique design, the Deck Glider will expand and contract with the seasonal movement of wood. It was the best hidden deck fastener choice for this installation.

Ipe decking, looking out my back door.jpg

Although it requires some patience and technique to install, the Deck Glider provides the longest lasting and best performing hidden fastening for rooftop decks of this type. They allow for natural, seasonal expansion and contraction of the decking boards.

Ipe rooftop deck on South Carolina coastThe Ipe rooftop deck is nearly complete and ready for enjoyment. Nicely done. 

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