Ipe Rooftop Deck Creates Panoramic Oasis in Massachusetts

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Located atop the 21-story Montaje Apartments in Somerville, MA, the Sky Deck provides a unique experience.  It was expertly outfitted by Recover Green Roofs, including an Ipe hardwood deck, plantings, pergola, seating and lots more. Residents here can enjoy a sweeping view of the area, far above the city itself. Ipe hardwood weathers beautifully and creates a long lasting, eco-friendly low maintenance deck area. Check out this beautiful space.

FSC Certified Ipe rooftop deck columns and pergola

Somerville, MA is a resurgent vibrant city just north of Boston with the densest population in the area. Space here is at a premium. The rooftop deck space on this 21-story apartment building provides a commanding panoramic view of Boston and the surrounding areas. The contrast of the cool stone pavers, warm look of natural Ipe hardwood decking, wood pergola and lush foliage creates an inviting atmosphere. What a great way for city residents to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors without leaving their home.

Ipe hardwood rooftop deck

Recover Green Roofs is widely recognized for their expertise in converting urban spaces into warm and natural green roofs. Their work here included plantings, stone pavers, wrapping the columns with FSC® certified Ipe hardwood, an Ipe hardwood deck and a beautiful pergola. As you can see, their carpentry team does an outstanding job with a high level of detail and expert workmanship.


The entire Recover Green Roof team covers a multitude of disciplines, expertly. From design and planning, to horticulture, material selection, carpentry and installation, their projects are amazing. Their passion and commitment to creating beautiful spaces for their clients shines through in all their work.

Ipe rooftop deck

The materials selected for this project are all sustainable, natural and long lasting. A great example is their selection of FSC Certified Ipe wood. Ipe is certainly not the lowest price exterior wood (up front). But Ipe lasts so long, naturally and without chemicals, that the life cycle costs of this product are among the lowest. Prized for its natural beauty, Ipe hardwood decking is very durable and highly sustainable. You can allow Ipe wood to weather to a natural silvery gray patina for a low maintenance deck. Or you may refinish it as desired to maintain the ‘like new’ wood appearance. 

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