Ipe Wood Siding Alternative: Jatoba Rainscreen Wood Siding

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The current cost of Ipe wood siding is at all-time highs. That doesn’t mean you have to abandon your dream of beautiful and incredible durable hardwood siding for your home or building. Jatoba hardwood siding is a stunning and long-lasting cladding option to consider.

Jatoba rainscreen siding on storefront-1

FSC® Certified Jatoba hardwood siding featured on Pier 17 in NYC


What is Jatoba wood siding?

Jatoba is a high-performance tropical hardwood species that grows throughout South and Central America. The botanical name for Jatoba is Hymenaea courbaril. Because of its lovely colors and grain variations, Jatoba has been used for interior wood flooring and furniture for years. You may have heard it referred to as Brazilian Cherry.

Jatoba is so strong and durable, it makes for an exceptionally high-performance exterior wood siding material. Because of its high resistance to insects and rot, Jatoba lasts, and lasts beautifully. Jatoba hardwood is an excellent choice for an exterior siding, rainscreen cladding and exterior trim.



Jatoba Hardwood Siding is Beautiful

Jatoba has lovely pink to salmon to cherry-colored tones. The rosy tones of Jatoba will darken quickly to rich cherry tones when exposed to UV rays. richer reddish-brown tones quickly. The grain of Jatoba wood has medium to coarse graining and sometimes shows some darker brown streaks.

Jatoba wood siding typical color and grain variations typical

Typical grain and color variations of Jatoba wood ranging from pinks to cherry reds


For an even richer look, you can coat Jatoba siding with a UV inhibiting oil-based sealer, such as Penofin Hardwood Formula, or a similar product. This is a great way to protect your new Jatoba siding as it seasons in its new home. in place, especially initially.  If you wish to keep this 'like new wood' siding appearance, you can recoat your Jatoba hardwood siding whenever you wish. 


For a low maintenance siding option, you can allow your Jatoba siding to weather out naturally to a silvery gray patina over time. 

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Jatoba Hardwood Siding Installation Options


Standard Siding Board Installation

If your climate is right for it, Jatoba siding can be milled to traditional (T&G) tongue and groove siding profiles and installed over furring strips. Click here for more information on traditional siding profiles.


Rainscreen Siding Installation

For a highly sustainably Jatoba siding installation, a well-thought-out rainscreen system is an excellent design and installation technique. A wood rainscreen offers many benefits, including passive insulation, ventilation, energy savings, and more. 

The Climate-Shield rainscreen system is considered by many architects and design professionals to be the healthiest and most advanced rainscreen system.  The Climate-Shield rainscreen system works exceptionally well for both residential wood rainscreens and commercial wood rainscreen designs.

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How Does Jatoba Wood Siding Compare to Ipe Wood Siding?

Yes, it’s true that Jatoba siding is elegant and appealing. But don’t think of it as just a pretty face for your home or building. Jatoba rainscreen cladding lasts for decades, naturally. Jatoba siding compares very favorably to Ipe hardwood siding.

Ipe hardwood is the ‘gold standard’ of exterior woods. Here’s how Jatoba hardwood performs compared to Ipe hardwood. We compiled this comparison directly from test data by the USDA Forest Product Laboratory.

USDA test data Ipe hardwood siding compared to Jatoba wood siding

Jatoba Siding is Hard

Just like Ipe siding, Jatoba wood siding is hard enough to resist all sorts of abuse, beautifully. The hardness of decking is surely a critical success factor, but is the hardness of wood siding important? Usually not – until it is. When the hail flies, do you want dings in your siding? Any object that hits your siding can put a dent in it, like a baseball, a child’s bicycle, a rock thrown from a lawnmower, and lots more.


Jatoba Siding is Durable

What is durability? Durability is a measure of how long wood will last outdoors. The durability of exterior wood is based on how well a wood species performs against mold, fungi, decay, rot, and insect infestation.

Jatoba wood is rated very durable for both insect resistance and rot resistance by the USDA Forest Product Laboratory. Per their ratings, you can expect Jatoba siding to last more than 25 years against these types of threats. Even better, Mataverde Jatoba is covered by a 25 Year Limited Warranty.

Jatoba wood rainscreen siding with Seal Once Bronze Cedar semi-transparent tint

Jatoba wood rainscreen siding on commercial project in New York

Whether you are choosing the right siding for your personal home or for a commercial project, it’s is an important decision. Your siding, especially on the front façade of your home or building, is the face for all the world to see. Choose your siding wisely and have some fun doing it.


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