New Climate-Shield Accessories Makes Installing Pura NFC Siding Easier

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Climate-Shield rainscreen accessories are making the news again. Climate-Shield offers several high-quality, labor-saving components created specifically for Pura NFC siding designs. The new CSTZTR is the latest innovation to help you create a better design and easier Pura siding installation.

Pura NFC Mystic Cedar siding warms stone entryway and hardscaping

The Climate-Shield CST rainscreen system makes fastening Pura NFC siding easier

Climate-Shield rainscreen products are widely recognized as the leading solution for wood rainscreen design since 2011. Their precise engineering and marine grade aluminum components are the pride of the industry. The new CSTZTR is a trim and support piece designed for use over the top of a flanged window.

CSTZTR Z-Trim and support profileUse the CSTZRTR Z-trim and support to avoid puncturing the window flange and flashing


The CSTZTR aluminum support piece is matte black in color. It supports the bottom of a cut piece of Pura siding above the window. It has a Z profile so that it sits over the window flange, not on it. The CSTZ screws into the sheathing above the window flange. The screws do not perforate the window flange or affect the flashing. This keeps your building envelope intact and weather tight. The Climate-Shield Trespa Z trim component may be used for horizontal or vertical Pura NFC siding installations.


CSTZTR- Climate-Shield Z trim for horizontal  trespa Pura installed over flanged windows

Detail of CSTZTR Z-trim over a window head - the seal and flashing at the window flange are not affected.


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Other Climate-Shield Components for Trespa Pura Siding Installation


The Climate-Shield CST1 rainscreen clip is ideal for any Pura installations over plywood or OSB exterior sheathing. This innovative rainscreen clip design eliminates the need to install furring strips to fasten Pura siding. The CST1 clip can be used to fasten Pura siding for vertical or horizontal installations.

CST1 rainscreen clip side section view


The Climate-Shield CSTSR8 Starter Rail is the perfect way to start your first course of Pura NFC siding. Once you set the CSTSR8 horizontal starter rail level, all your subsequent courses of siding will line up perfectly.  The starter rail component installs quickly and has weep holes to allow any bulk water to drain out of the rainscreen cavity.

CSTSR8 Climate-Shield Starter Rail for Trespa Pura siding

Closeup of Climate-Shield CSTSR8 horizontal starter rail for Pura installations


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Climate-Shield Components for Vertical Trespa Pura Installation

Trespa Pura NFC siding Romantic Walnut wood decor vertical siding and soffits

Pura NFC siding installed vertically 


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The Climate-Shield CSTVSR8 vertical starter rail is ideal for setting a level line to align all the Pura vertical siding planks. It has weep holes to allow any bulk water to drain out of the rainscreen cavity. It is pre-drilled for the right number of fasteners to support the Pura siding. The vertical starter rail has a matte black finish.


CSTSRV-A Trespa vertical wall assembly at starter rail 9-9-20


CSTVSR8 Climate-Shield trespa Vertical Starter Rail

Climate-Shield CSTVSR8 is an 8 foot long starter rail to align your first Pura siding planks vertically

Pura NFC siding planks are ten feet long. So, for vertical walls ten feet tall (or shorter), the CSTVSR8 vertical starter rail and the CST1 rainscreen clips are the only Climate-Shield components you’ll need to install Pura NFC siding. If you are vertically cladding a wall over ten feet tall, you will need to add a joint somewhere.


The Climate-Shield CSTVPS vertical plank support is made for this jobIt allows you set to a bottom support for individual Pura planks.  The plank support is 6" long and is pre-drilled for quick installation. It is already cut to the right length, so you don't have to.  This component is ideal, especially if you want to stagger the joint pattern on your wall.

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