Pura NFC Siding adds Western Red Cedar Wood Décor

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If you are familiar with Pura NFC Siding by Trespa, you may already know about their beautiful wood decors and their low maintenance aspects. Pura siding wood decors rival the beauty of real wood siding in a high performance HPL (high pressure laminate) material. Pura siding is designed and engineered to last, beautifully, throughout its lifetime. Introducing the latest Pura NFC wood décor, Western Red Cedar.Pura NFC PU31 Western Red Cedar wood decor

Pura NFC Siding Western Red Cedar PU31 wood decor 

Because of its natural beauty, real Western Red Cedar siding has long been a ‘go-to’ cladding option worldwide, and especially throughout the US and Canada. But supply for Western Red Cedar siding has been spotty for several years, and the price of this real wood siding fluctuates wildly. Trespa thought, "We can help." That’s why Trespa recently released their latest wood décor in their Pura NFC siding line. Meet Pura siding Western Red Cedar PU31.


Is Pura NFC Western Red Cedar Siding More Beautiful than real cedar siding?

The new Pura Western Red Cedar siding décor has all the beauty marks of real red cedar siding. Unlike real red cedar siding though, Pura doesn’t have a lot of the knots, blemishes, or grain and color variations. Some say Pura NFC Western Red Cedar wood décor looks more realistic and beautiful than the original cedar. Real cedar wood can be stained, but to maintain its original good looks, must be re-stained or refinished whenever needed.

PURA NFC InstallerPura NFC siding installs easily

On the other hand, Pura NFC needs very little maintenance. Pura requires no refinishing throughout its entire life cycle. Pura NFC siding decors are treated with an electron beam process to resist UV degradation. That’s why Pura wood decor colors stay true for years without fading.

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How does Pura NFC Western Red Cedar wood décor siding perform?

Like all other Pura NFC Siding wood decors, the Western Red Cedar must endure an entire battery of testing. Every Pura siding undergoes and surpasses rigorous test standards, including UV tests, chemical resistance tests, scratching tests, resistance to impact and many more. Pura NFC passes all these tests with flying colors (pun intended).


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Is Pura NFC siding Western Red Cedar decor a good design option for exterior cladding?


Yes, Pura siding is a great option for all types of construction and designs.  Pura NFC siding is a smart specification for architects, designers, builders, and property owners. Whether you project is a new home, a light commercial design, a renovation, or an addition to an existing home or building, you can rely on this premium cladding option.  Pura NFC siding wood decors, including Western Red Cedar, have the great look of real wood siding, but without all the maintenance hassles. Engineered for great looks, low maintenance, and enduring beauty, you can trust the performance and looks for years. 


Are there other Pura NFC Siding decors available?


Yes, Pura siding is available in many decors and color options.  Now that you’ve seen the ‘new kid on the Pura siding block’, come meet the whole family of wood decors. The new Western Red Cedar wood decor affords you a great color option in the lighter brown tone range, just like real cedar siding. You can use this wood décor alone or combine it with other decors to meet your project color scheme needs.

Pura NFC Siding wood decors 

Pura has eight different wood decors.  They also offer two Lumen decors that have a matte finish that diffuses light. And if your project has a need for a special color or decor, Pura NFC siding is also available in custom colors options. See other Pura decors and color options here.

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