Pura NFC Siding Lumen Decors Add Unique Design Element

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The new Pura Lumen decors recently released by Trespa are receiving high marks. Now available in New York Grey and Metropolis Black decors. These two exciting siding color options can be used alone, together, or in combination with other decors. The way the matte finish of the Lumen decors diffuses light, opens a new world of design possibilities.

Pura Lumen Metroplis Black-1 Pura NFC Lumen Metropolis Black décor diffuses light beautifully 


Trespa Lumen decors were originally introduced in 2015 as larger [Meteon] panels. Due to their popularity, they have now been added to the Pura NFC siding line. Pura cladding is a high-performance premium siding or re-siding option. Pura is ideal for residences and light commercial structures.


Pura Lumen Decors Lauded by Design Professionals

Grey tones are rapidly becoming a ‘go-to’ neutral design tone. And the black décor is an excellent accent option. By using them together, or with other colors decors, the design options are limitless. Feel free to bring your cladding colors to life with these new light diffusing decors.


PUL9000 PURA NFC Metrolpolis Black Lumen decor (1)Pura NFC siding PUL9000 Metropolis Black Lumen décor


PUL2581 PURA NFC New York Grey Lumen decorPura NFC siding PUL2581 New York Grey Lumen décor


According to a recent publication in Builderonline.com, Gerri Chmiel, senior design manager for Formica Surfaces, FENIX and Trespa brands, reported, "Grey continues to be the hottest neutral in home design, while black brings an air of sophistication and drama to a home’s exterior,” “Metropolis Black and New York Grey are excellent additions to the Pura NFC collection, providing even more options for beautiful and durable exterior siding.”


Trespa Pura color combinations-1

Lumen decors combined artfully with Pura NFC wood decors on architect's home and office


All Pura NFC siding materials are high-pressure laminates that are stringently tested for durability, quality and performance. Pura requires very little maintenance, and no touch ups or painting are required. Pura is a high value, low life-cycle cost siding option that truly enhances the appearance and cub appeal of a home of structure, beautifully.


Looking for a little design inspiration?

Download the Pura NFC residential projects portfolio now.


Cladding designs featuring Pura now have some sophisticated matte colors in the palette. These light-diffusing Lumen siding planks may be interwoven with many of the Pura wood décor options for a unique look for residences and buildings alike.

Want a better look at these exciting decors?

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