Renewed Rooftop Deck Crowns Hotel in Southern California

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In San Diego, California, the waterfront La Jolla Cove Suites hotel needed to renovate their rooftop deck. The 13,000 square foot rooftop deck serves as an outdoor event area with panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean. This project is part of an exciting “renewing and upgrading of the iconic hotel” according to the hotel website. The rooftop deck caters to weddings and large events. The design team selected the Eurotec Rooftop Deck System for this important project and here’s why.

Completed composite decking shown over the Eurotec Rooftop Deck System at La Jolla Cove Hotel, San Diego

Completed decking using the Eurotec Rooftop Deck System at La Jolla Cove Suites, San Diego

( project photo courtesy of Hover Imagery and Dixieline Lumber & Home Centers)


Why Use A Rooftop Deck Frame System?

For a rooftop deck project, would you want a solid and straight rooftop deck support system? Would you want it to install easily and save time and labor? The design team for La Jolla Cove Hotel had the same concerns on their list for the rooftop deck renovation. The Eurotec Rooftop Deck System has these solutions plus many other advantages for the designer, builder, and owner. Here's why.

Eurotec Rooftop Deck Frame Installs easily

Berton Builders shown laying out the EBO aluminum framing and joists with the adjustable pedastals to accomodate slope.

Berton Builders shown laying out the Eurotec aluminum joists with the adjustable rooftop deck pedestals to accommodate slope.

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The construction team of Berton Builders & Design Company, was selected to build the rooftop deck. The design challenge was to replace the old deck system with an renewed, improved, luxurious rooftop deck suitable for high traffic and large groups. Guests would enjoy a newly updated space including a glass enclosed solarium, with "SoCal coastal vibes" as described on the La Jolla Cove Hotel website

Ruben Berton, owner of Berton Builders & Design Company, shared that the “architect wanted a rooftop deck frame that wasn’t a wood system.” Dixieline Lumber and Home Centers, our Mataverde dealer partner in Southern California, suggested the EVO aluminum Eurotec Rooftop Deck System as a solution.

This was Berton Builders first time using the Eurotec rooftop deck pedestals and aluminum joists. Ruben said installation “was a good experience with a learning curve at the beginning.” He added, ”we followed the instructions, and it was very easy to install.”

Eurotec adjustable rooftop deck pedestals and aluminum joists on low clearance area

Low clearance area on rooftop deck uses smaller Eurotec rooftop deck pedestals


Eurotec Rooftop Deck Support Saves Time

Ruben said he would “definitely use it again. The system performed as expected and there was a time savings.” He continued, the project had “a flat roof but lots of slopes. It worked just fine” with the adjustable deck pedestal system. When asked if he would suggest any improvements to the system, Ruben said, “I can’t think of any. If it works, why change it?"

“I can’t think of any improvements.
If it works, why change it?"

- Ruben Berton, Owner, Berton Builders & Design Company, on the quality of Eurotec Rooftop Deck System


When you are building a construction project, timing is everything. Being able to complete a project on time has direct advantages and many ‘ripple effect’ benefits. Here’s a few:

  • Building a project on time, or ahead of schedule, reduces labor costs for each trade specialty involved. In this case, the rooftop deck frame installer.
  • Maintaining the construction schedule helps the ‘next trade in line’ to start their work on time. In this case, the decking installer.
  • Construction loan interest costs are lower the faster a project is completed. This saves the construction manager costs.
  • On-time construction helps the owner reap the benefits of being able to put their investment to work as planned.
  • This deck can be rented out sooner for a quicker return on their renovation investment than a wood joist system would have allowed.
  • And the hotel guests get to enjoy the rooftop deck sooner.
  • Everybody wins!

renovated rooftop deck on oceanfront hotel in San Diego

Rooftop deck is ready for action!

Check out this video provided by our retail partner, Dixieline Lumber, including information on EuroTec Rooftop Deck System pedastals from our sales representative, Andrea Monti.


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"The system performed as expected and there was a time savings.  We would definitely use it again."

- Ruben Berton, Berton Builders & Design Company, on installing the Eurotec Rooftop Deck System

Check out this brief video clip of the Eurotec Deck System installed under the decking .


Eurotec Rooftop Deck Components Meet Design, Engineering, and Installation Criteria

Lightweight, low-clearance and exceptionally sturdy, Eurotec aluminum joists create a secure, straight, and true joist system, important for a large area renovation. With the Eurotec EVO Aluminum System Profile, there is no need for wood deck joists. The aluminum rooftop deck joists provide a super-strong yet lightweight framing system that can span up to 33" with a minimum of deflection. No warping, no twisting, no rotting, non-combustible. No worries.

Low visibility. The Eurotec Aluminum System Profile are a low luster, black color. This makes this product nearly invisible when viewed from above. There is also the option of concealed deck fasteners that are designed to work effectively with the natural acclimation and movement of exterior wood decking boards. There are two styles of Euro-tec Deck Gliders for 4” and 6” nominal width decking, and a Twin System Holder Hidden Fastening Method that is nearly invisible and works well with pre-grooved decking boards.


The Adjustable Rooftop Deck Pedestals are Rock Stars

Eurotec Adjustable pedestals with the Click Foot adapter require no extra fastening. Simply 'click' the aluminum system profile into the pedestal. No drilling or additional fastening is needed for a quick and efficient installation. 

Eurotec Adjustable Rooftop Deck Pedestals allow deck design heights from 4" above the roof or patio to over 24" total height to the top of the decking. The pedestals provide a wide adjustment range to accommodate various heights and pitches. Adjustment of the pedestal is simple and done by hand, no tools required.

Eurotec rooftop deck frame system on hotel in Southern California

In this section of the deck, you can see how the rooftop deck pedestals are placed without fasteners and may be incrementally adjusted for slope.

Rooftop Decking Material Options

The La Jolla Cove Suites team chose a composite decking for their project. But if real wood decking is on your list, consider that Mataverde Premium Hardwood Decking materials are known for their quality, durability, strength, and natural beauty

When you design a high-traffic rooftop deck with a high-quality framing system, you will likely want to choose a high-quality decking material as well. You may want to consider the proven performance of Mataverde hardwood decking species such as Ipe wood decking, FSC® Certified Machiche wood decking, Garapa wood decking, and others. Mataverde Premium Hardwood Decking lasts beautifully.

By using premium quality hardwood decking you can be sure your entire rooftop deck project will stand the test of time, be naturally low maintenance, and offer a low lifetime investment. 


Quiet corner Ipe rooftop deck with plantingsOn another rooftop project in New York City, you can see the beauty of real Ipe hardwood decking. 

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Do you have a rooftop deck project the Eurotec Rooftop Deck System would be right for? In the San Diego area, visit Dixieline Lumber and Home Centers. Or contact our specialists at Mataverde Premium Decking and Siding. We are here to help make your project easier.

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