Delicious Rooftop Deck at Rhode Island Restaurant

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Rooftop decks come in all shapes and sizes. When the Matunuck Oyster Bar needed additional space to seat their clients, they went straight up to the roof. An unused portion of their existing roof was evaluated by an engineer, and it met all the structural requirements for a rooftop deck. It transformed an otherwise wasted space and provides seating and a great view of the bay and surrounding area. Game on.

Matunuck Oyster Bar South Kingstown RI

The newest outdoor deck is on the roof of the waterfront restaurant


Located on the quiet saltwater estuary of Potter Pond in South Kingstown, Rhode Island, The Matunuck Oyster Bar is well known by locals and visitors alike. Owner Perry Raso believes so much in fresh ingredients he also owns an organic herb and vegetable farm and a saltwater oyster farm. When your vegetables are freshly picked and your oysters are taken right out of the water, food just does not get any fresher than this.


durable hardwood deck tiles for roof access and longevity-

Hardwood decking is strong, naturally beautiful, and very durable 


The proximity to the ocean required a well-designed, hurricane resistant, rooftop deck structure. The design team selected the Eurotec adjustable roof pedestals and the aluminum system profile to create a framework for the rooftop deck. Through-roof hold downs were added in several locations, and then fastened to the aluminum system profile framework to meet or exceed the hurricane wind-zone performance in this coastal area.


Eurotec Adjustable pedestals and Aluminum system profiles for rooftop deck frame

Eurotec rooftop deck system components for deck framework


Because this is a restaurant, there will likely be some debris that makes its way through the gaps between the hardwood decking boards over time. For this reason, hardwood deck tiles were chosen, to provide easy access to the drains below the deck, whenever they may need to be cleaned.

Matunuck Oyster Bar rooftop deck

'Easy-access' hardwood deck tiles were selected for the rooftop deck


The capable design/build team at DiStefano Brothers Construction, Inc. did an excellent job, on a tight time schedule, to meet the owner’s needs for the re-opening of the restaurant. The precision workmanship and attention to detail of the construction and installation team is evident on this rooftop deck.

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The New York Times called this restaurant ‘a hidden gem of Rhode Island’. And who can argue? The food is fantastic, and the views are spectacular. rated this restaurant in the Top 21 best seafood restaurants in America. Others rate this as one of the top 4 oyster restaurants in the US.


Matunuck Oyster Farm-Tour South Kingstown RI


Whether you are dining indoors or enjoying their new outdoor deck, if you are a seafood lover, you can’t go wrong at Matunuck Oyster Bar. Check it out for yourself.


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