Rooftop Deck Ideas Portfolio for Design Inspiration

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Considering creating a rooftop deck? Want to take advantage of wasted space? Looking for a spectacular view or creating a cozy hideaway? Rooftop decks are a huge trend…and for good reasons. Add some value and beautiful outdoor living space to your property. Get inspired with some amazing rooftop deck ideas. Download the new Rooftop Deck Design Ideas Portfolio today.

Garapa hardwood rooftop deck by Organic Gardener NYCGarapa hardwood rooftop deck in New York City

Rooftop decks are a huge trend, especially in cities. The lack of available ground level deck spaces in many urban locales, sends people to the roof. Literally. Urban rooftop decks often take full advantage of an otherwise unused space… and offer commanding views. Day or night, your rooftop deck oasis is a nice place to spend time.

Luxurious Ipe hardwood rooftop deck  in New York Apartment complex sports an Ipe hardwood rooftop deck in New York City

While city decks make a lot of sense, a rooftop deck or balcony deck anywhere can add value and character to properties in many locales. If you have a strong and sturdy flat roof on your home or building, you may want to consider adding a rooftop deck. Find out if your roof can support the weight. A rooftop deck can add value to your home and provide a unique outdoor living space.  Step away from your TV and enjoy the outdoors.

Machiche hardwood deck

Machiche hardwood rooftop deck in California

This comfortable and cozy rooftop deck in Los Altos, California offers great views of the Bay area, valleys and mountains. The design team selected FSC® Certified Machiche hardwood decking for this residential deck, mostly for its natural beauty and high performance.  The warm look of real wood makes it a great choice as a rooftop deck material.

sustainable design Ipe hardwood rooftop deck, pergola, planters, seating and moreAmazing rooftop deck play space on New York City residence

Rooftop deck designs can provide a plethora of options, including gardens, dining areas and much more. For common areas in large apartment buildings, the sky is the limit. When you divide the cost of amazing rooftop deck amenities by many dwellings, you can afford to splurge on items like pergolas, gardens and more, without ‘blowing up’ the budget.

Whether you are considering a small rooftop deck for your own home or would like to design a larger rooftop deck with lots of amenities for a building, get inspired. Download the Rooftop Decks Design Ideas Portfolio today.  Enjoy.

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