Rooftop Deck Installation at California Winery

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California wineries offer a truly unique setting. They often host special events to create a wonderful experience for visitors. Gourmet dinners, picturesque vistas, guided tours and delicious wine tastings are all part of the memories. This lovely rooftop deck creates a lovely vantage point to view the entire vineyard and surrounding countryside.

Rooftop deck at Northern california winery-2

Ipe rooftop deck installation at winery in Northern California


This rooftop deck started with a thorough evaluation and inspection of the rooftop structure. Once the installation team determined the roof system could handle the additional weight load, they were on their way.  Next step – create a drawing to layout the pedestals and install the Eurotec Aluminum joists.

Rooftop deck design layout

A rooftop deck layout drawing shows where all the deck frame components belong

The rooftop deck layout drawings are a great design tool for installers to build from.  The drawings include proper spacing for the adjustable rooftop deck pedestals and aluminum deck joists.  Before ordering materials, the installers need to survey the roof height at various points. This helps determine the exact height range for each of the adjustable deck pedestals. 

In lower areas on a roof, choose deck pedestals with a higher adjustable range. And on higher spots on a rooftop, use adjustable pedestals with a lower height range.  By doing a thorough job on the site survey, rooftop deck installers can order and install the right number for each height of pedestals.  This saves labor time and ensures the installation meets the construction schedule.


Adustable rooftop deck pedestals and aluminum deck joists - Copy 

Mataverde Eurotec rooftop deck frame components installed per drawing

The installation team began by laying out the rooftop deck pedestals and aluminum deck joists (per the drawing). Then, they adjusted the height of all the deck pedestals to create a level surface. The Eurotec Aluminum System profile deck joists are available in mill finish or black.

Ipe hardwood rooftop deck installation

Ipe hardwood rooftop deck installation

When installing the aluminum deck joists, you can cut shorter pieces and fasten them to the joists for cross bracing. Another option is to use the decking boards to create the lateral bracing. The installation team chose to use decking for the cross bracing. To keep the joists and pedestals aligned, they fastened a few boards to temporarily keep the entire rooftop deck frame assembly square and true.

Once they fastened the deck boards to the aluminum joists with the Deck Glider hidden fasteners, they removed the temporary bracing boards.  Then they installed the  rest of the Ipe hardwood decking boards. Ipe decking is frequently used on rooftop decks. Ipe hardwood is beautiful, durable and long-lasting.  The Mataverde Eurotec rooftop deck system is often selected where the design goal is to use full length decking boards.



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