ThermaWood FR: Exterior Siding Game-Changer For Wildfire-Prone Areas

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As stricter building fire codes extend their reach to more states, the demand for quality, durable, ignition-resistant wood siding is on the rise. When it comes to fire-resistant siding and custom homes, Mataverde ThermaWood FR is emerging as a true game-changer for architects, home builders and homeowners. Here’s how it’s changing the exterior siding game. 

Jensen Res Boise ID ThermaWood FR The beautiful tones of the Thermawood FR siding create a natural curb appeal. Photo courtesy of the builder, Jeff Fulmer

Home builders want a siding that is easy to work with and durable. Home designers and homeowners want curb appeal, low maintenance, and longevity. Is there one fire treated wood that can please everyone? There is now.  


You’re Going To Love The Way It Looks


ThermaWood Hem Fir vertical siding and soffits with fire treatementThermaWood FR is a thermally modified Hemlock with pale to medium brown tones. 


In Boise, Idaho, Eric Jensen, a savvy homeowner, had a vision for his custom exterior design. He would need top-quality wood siding to create it and make it last. Eric had worked with before so turned to the Mataverde team again.

After learning what Eric had in mind, and knowing that fire-rated lumber would be specified in his area, it was suggested that he consider thermally modified, fire treated hemlock, Mataverde® ThermaWood FR.


"The wood looks amazing.”

– Eric Jensen, homeowner


The fire rating and natural beauty together made it an ideal fit for the project.

Thermally modified hemlock is a real wood siding, with the warmth and welcoming feel you expect from wood. Eric chose to leave the siding natural. You can see the rich, deepened color created by the thermal modification process. 

After the wood siding was installed, the homeowner let us know that “the wood looks amazing” and shared some in-progress photos. He is very satisfied with the results.

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ThermaWood FR Was Ideal for This Custom Home


Soffits Jensen Res Boise ID ThermaWood FR ThermaWood FR add elegance and good looks to the soffits, too. Photo courtesy of the builder, Jeff Fulmer


The choice of exterior siding material can make all the difference in the curb appeal. When Eric made the decision to use Thermawood FR Hem Fir siding boards, it was because it not only met the rigorous local building code requirements, but it also surpassed his aesthetic expectations.

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Aesthetics are important, but Eric ultimately chose ThermaWood FR for his home because fire protection and safety were also very important. Here’s how ThermaWood FR helps:


A Smarter Choice: Key Benefits of ThermaWood FR


“Working with ThermaWood FR was a great experience... I was really happy to learn I didn’t have to apply fire retardant on site….I am already looking at ThermaWood FR for my next project.”

- Jeff Fulmer, Builder


Here are some key attributes that make ThermaWood FR a beneficial selection for your next exterior project:

  • Enhanced Fire Resistance: It significantly improves the fire resistance of the structure, providing peace of mind in wildfire-prone regions. The treatment is permanently bonded to the wood siding so there’s no on-site fire treatment needed. 

  • Durability and Longevity: ThermaWood FR is a thermally modified siding known for its durability, and resilience over time. 

  • Reduced Maintenance Costs: With minimal maintenance requirements, it reduces long-term upkeep expenses. The fire retardant can’t “wash off” so it never needs to be re-treated.

  • Sustainability and Environmental Friendliness: Mataverde ThermaWood FR Hemlock is responsibly sourced from sustainable forests, making it an environmentally conscious choice.

  • Versatile Installation: ThermaWood FR offers installation versatility, accommodating various construction needs with ease. Soffits, accents, or full exteriors are just a few.


The house exterior was installed by builder, Jeff Fulmer. He shared that “working with ThermaWood FR was a great experience” and that he was, “really happy to learn I didn’t have to apply fire retardant on site.”

Would he consider using ThermaWood FR again in the future? “I am already looking at ThermaWood FR for my next project coming up!”

Chemco Thermex FR Wood Fire Treatment Video ScreenshotWatch the innovative Thermex-FR by Chemo process on YouTube here.


In regions susceptible to wildfires, the choice of quality, fire-resistant building materials is non-negotiable. ThermaWood FR wood siding combines fire resistance, durability, sustainability, and longevity to deliver the ultimate siding solution. It's an intelligent choice for your home's exterior safety and longevity.

We trust that this blog has encouraged you to consider ThermaWood FR for your upcoming exterior project. To learn more about this transformative solution that is reshaping construction in wildfire-prone areas, request a Thermawood FR sample today or get in touch with us. 

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