Top 5 Reasons Why You May Want an Ipe Hardwood Deck

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Do you have an older home without a deck? Or a home with a tired old deck? Building a new deck can create a whole new living space for your family and friends. And a deck adds to your property value quickly. If you’re thinking about a new deck, there are lots of decking material options. Here’s why you may want to consider Ipe decking.

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Ipe Hardwood is Ridiculously Strong…and Hard

Many people consider Ipe decking the best wood decking option on earth. There're reasons for this. Ipe is harder than any wood grown in the Northern hemisphere. Ipe is so hard, it wears like iron That’s why it’s often used on boardwalks and other high traffic decks. Ipe is incredibly strong, too. Not to bore you with Ipe's mechanical properties, but it's fiber bending strength is about 5 times stronger than cedar decking. Once you install Ipe decking, it's there to stay.

Ipe Wood is Sustainable and Renewable

Ipe trees grow very quickly. From seedling to full height, an Ipe tree takes about 35 years to reach full maturity. By comparison, it would take a white oak tree about 150 years to grow to the same height. Tropical hardwoods like Ipe wood are one of nature's few renewable resources that can replenish themselves twice or more in our lifetime. Mataverde Ipe is harvested in well-managed forest projects to ensure there is no over-harvesting.

Manzanita ipe rain screen and deck

Ipe Hardwood Decking Lasts…and Lasts Beautifully

Ipe decking can last for 40 years or longer. Softwood decking species like red cedar are naturally beautiful, too. But if you don’t want to maintain your deck regularly (think re-staining, resealing or repainting), softwood decking may not fit your needs. You don't have to re-finish or re-seal Ipe or other high-density hardwood decking materials.

Protect Your Ipe Deck, Once, with Penofin Hardwood Formula

Penofin minimizes potential damage from harmful UV rays from affecting your decking. This is important when you first install your deck. Simply put a coat of a UV protecting sealer, like Penofin Hardwood Formula when you install your deck. After that, refinishing hardwood decking is totally optional. You can let your Ipe deck weather to a silvery gray patina.

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Enjoy Your Ipe Deck, You Deserve It

Ipe is strong. It lasts long. You don't need to constantly re-finish it. What to do? Enjoy the heck out of it. You like entertaining? Entertain away. You like outdoor dining? Do it. You want a quiet place to relax? Go out there and experience nature. And create some memories while you're at it.

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