Trespa Pura Siding Unveils New Ipe Wood Color

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Trespa Pura sidings are a great cladding solution. The Trespa Pura Wood Décor Collection offers siding with the rich appearance of real wood with virtually no maintenance other than an occasional cleaning. And it just got more exciting. Trespa just added a brand new cladding that looks like real Ipe hardwood. We love it. Check it out.

This new Trespa Pura color color option looks like an almost perfect version of genuine Ipe hardwood siding. It has grain and color variations like real Ipe, but has a more refined appearance, and best of all, doesn’t require any refinishing. Ever.

Trespa Pura Ipe Wet wood decor PW17078.jpgNew Trespa Pura NFC Siding tropical Ipe wood decor looks like real Ipe hardwood siding

Genuine Ipe hardwood siding is our most popular real wood cladding option. Ipe hardwood is well known for its exceptional performance and rugged natural beauty. The new Trespa Pura "Tropical Ipe" wood decor PW17078 is a fantastic option for anyone who loves the look of genuine Ipe hardwood, but doesn’t want to maintain the ‘like new’ wood appearance of real wood. 

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The perennial good looks, high-performance and low life-cycle costs of Trespa Pura sidings separate this cladding solution from other siding options. For the look of real wood siding, without the usual maintenance, choose from any of the Trespa Pura sidings wood decor collection options.


Check out other Trespa Pura 'wood decor' options:

trespa pura wood decor colors - 8.jpg 

Looking for even more cladding colors? If the look of real wood is not your design goal, Trespa also has a palette of solid color solutions for your design quiver. The Trespa Uni Colour Collection features solid colors that can work as an accent, stand on their own, or be mixed with other colors for a low maintenance siding design.

Check out other Trespa Uni Colour options:

Trespa pura new uni coloursRegardless of your color preference, you can rely on Trespa Pura sidings to look beautiful and perform well for many years.

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