Trespa Siding, Soffits and Other Smart Design Ideas

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We love the great looks and long-lasting performance of Trespa Pura NFC Sidings. And you can, too. Trespa Pura is used for horizontal or vertical siding, soffits and more. Use Trespa sidings for a complete wall façade - or as an accent. The color options and design possibilities with Trespa are limitless. 

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When we first saw Trespa sidings, we fell in love with their wood decors.  They had the great look of natural woods, but without the maintenance requirements. Since then, Trespa has added more wood decors and eight new Uni Colors. Check out their complete color palette.


Trespa Pura Slate Ebony decor


Choose your Trespa color – or color combinations. Choose your canvas. Let your design creativity begin. Exterior walls? No problem. Interior walls?  Check. Soffits? Absolutely. What about vertical installations? Yes.  How about a vertical installation around a curved wall?  Yes, you can - and you saw it here first.


Trespa Pura Classic Oak decor horizontal vertical and soffit installation


This Trespa design and installation in Texas features soffits, horizontal siding and vertical siding around a curved wall surface. Elegant. Sleek. Creative.

Here’s another project design with Trespa sidings installed vertically, horizontally and for soffits. When you’ve got a good thing going in your design, why not? Be creative with this high performance architectural cladding.


Trespa Pura soffits and vertical siding



Many architects and design professionals appreciate the sustainable design aspects of Trespa Pura cladding:

  • Rain screen design for better performing facades
  • Exceptional proven durability
  • Low maintenance
  • Low life cycle costs

Trespa pura siding adds warm look of wood to stone facade


Many designers (and owners) also prize Trespa Pura sidings for their beauty, curb appeal and improved property value. Others love the design flexibility – with various colors, and you can use it for different facades.


Trespa Pura color combinations


This European architect choose Trespa claddings for his home and office. His daring usage of muted colors is bold yet restrained. The linearity of his design mimics the furrowed fields of the surrounding pastoral landscape. 



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