Trespa Pura NFC sidings vs. Fiber Cement Siding

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We recently had a client share with us that the price of Trespa Pura siding materials was more than the total cost of labor and materials for a lower grade siding option (in this case, fiber cement siding).  This may be true regarding the up-front costs, but what about the long-term costs?  What about maintenance costs? …and where does performance and great looks factor into the decision? 


Pura Trespa romantic walnut on Puget Sound house lights

Trespa Pura NFC sidings offer premium looks and low maintenance


Here's our bias - we are totally committed to both short term and long term customer satisfaction. We believe in offering only high quality products that people will love for a long time. We believe it's worth your while to make an informed decision, especially for products that are designed to last many years.

Our decking and siding products are a perfect example of long lasting products that maintain their value, both short-term and long time. After all, you’ll be living with the looks and performance of your choices for many years to come.


To make an informed decision, we always think it’s helpful for you to compare the plus and minuses of your options before making a long-term decision. Compare Trespa to fiber cement siding below.


Compare fiber cement siding to Trespa Pura NFC® Sidings


Compare Trespa Pura to fiber cement siding


Trespa Pura Romantic Walnut cladding on residential home Trespa Pura siding wood decors look like real wood, without the usual maintenance

Is Trespa Pura more expensive than fiber cement siding?
If you are only looking at the purchase price, the answer is yes. Is Trespa Pura costlier than fiber cement siding in the long run? That truly depends on how well the fiber cement siding performs and the cost of re-painting, replacement and repairs where you live. As a wise person once said, “If price was all that mattered, we’d all be driving Yugos”.


If you want great looks, superior performance, peace of mind and the reliability of a reputable worldwide manufacturer, Trespa Pura sidings are well worth your consideration.

Want to see some great looking Trespa projects? Visit our Trespa siding gallery. Or, better yet, download your own Trespa Residential Project Portfolio for inspiration and ideas.



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