Why Does Ipe Decking Work Great for Docks and Floats?

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When it comes to toughness, very few natural wood species can stand up to Ipe hardwood. Rugged marine environment? No problem. That’s one reason why Ipe decking works so well on piers, docks and floats. Here’s a few more:

Ipe decking lasts longer than nearly every wood species for decks and docks.  Teak is another. And Ipe hardwood is only a fraction of the cost of teak. Long term, you are protected by the 25-year limited warranty for Mataverde Ipe hardwood decking. It’s likely to last a lot longer than that, too.

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Ipe wood has natural slip resistance. Ipe is the only hardwood species that meets the ADA requirements for slip resistance in a wet environment, naturally. Without any additives.  This is especially important in an area that constantly gets wet, like an Ipe dock, float, marina or pier.  Who wants to slip or fall?

Ipe hardwood adds value to nearly any project. Immediately. Ipe hardwood decking looks spectacular right away. And it just gets better. Because Ipe lasts so long, the life-cycle costs are among the lowest for any decking option. That’s why many consider Ipe an investment grade decking material.

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Ipe decking is naturally beautiful. There are few decking options that have the look and beauty of Ipe decking.  As an Ipe dock or float weathers, and ages in place, it develops a beautiful silvery patina. This low maintenance option works well and looks great.

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